Jan 27, 2018
by Irina Linnik

What is Seaside Startup Summit UAE?

We are going to take part in Seaside Startup Summit, which starts very soon on February 8 and will last for 4 great days. While we cant wait this event to start, we will share some information about the summit for those who had never heard of it.

Seaside Startup Summit UAE is a great event in a startups world! The summit is organized in a form of a tent camp and will not only be useful but also incredibly interesting to visit. The very first SSS was held in 2016 in Armenia by the shore of Lake Sevan and in 2017 the SSS saw over 2k participants and guests from all over the world.

The Seaside Startup Summit UAE Ras al Khaimah will start on February 8th and will last till February 12th at Al-Marjan Island, Ras Al Khaimah. SSE expects about 500 participants and 1200-1500 guests to visit UAE, with 50 startups to participate in the event.

SSS offers a lot of great opportunities for the startups: those that passed the selection process will have a chance to meet investors and impress them, attend workshops by international industry experts, battle with other startups and prove they are worth of recognition.

Speaking about startup battles, the predetermined prize for the competitions winner is $50,000 and it may change, depending on additional battles.

Being the first SSS outside Armenia, it’s organized by Startup Armenia Foundation together with the RAK Incubation and Accelerator and is based on the memorandum of understanding signed in October 2017.

The Main attractions

Brand Battles:

This battle is designated for startups within a particular field (Tourism, Education, Agriculture, Food and Healthy lifestyle, Healthcare etc.).

Big Battle:

This one is for all startups-participants, regardless of their field of activity. Startups will be differentiated by their stage of development only and the money prizes will differ, depending on the jury decisions.

CampFire Pitch:

This activity is held specifically for startups at the business stage that are looking for opportunities to scale their business and enter new market. CampFire Pitch offers great chance to pitch to the investors and receive funding right away.

But did we mention the fun part in the beginning? Of course there will be fun! Participants and guests will be able to chill on the beach, talk to each other, play volleyball or football and simply have an amazing time.

As well we’ve heard there are going to be night disco parties that are intended to help you interact with more people, relax and make some new friends.

Why should you visit the event?

Seaside Startup Summit is a unique opportunity to meet new people, impress investors and learn new things about your business and industry.

By visiting the event, you will expand your horizons, do a lot of networking and have time of your life in a beautiful and sunny country.

Now let’s have a look at the speakers who will feature a lot of outstanding professionals. Such as:

Jesus Lozano,

BA and strategic advisor.He will hold workshops on business validation and perfect pitching.

Todd Fabacher,

CEO of Digital Pomegranate.

Todd will talk about how to sell successfully to Asia and China. Today these destinations are attractive for any startuppers so you might want to learn about them.

Arsen Stepanyan

is a nonprofit management professional and currently the Team Leader of AGBU’s Bridge4CSOs program funded by the European Union.

Arsen is also among the speakers of Seaside Startup Summit UAE.Ras Al Khaimah. If you want to learn about the topic Tech for Social Impact, apply for the Summit.

Dr. Mussaad Al Razouki

is one of the CampFire Talkers of Seaside Startup Summit UAE.Ras Al Khaimah.

Don't miss the chance to listen to the Chief Business Development Officer of Kuwait Life Sciences Company.

And that’s not all! Many more professionals will take part in the summit so don’t be shy to negotiate, ask a lot of questions and learn new things from the best in the industry!


Of course, Celadon is attending the Summit as well. We are honored to be part of such event and we are looking forward to meeting new people and getting inspired by the event atmosphere and the people. We will be represented by Abdul-Aziz M. Buali the Regional Director at Celadon as speaker on SSS UAE.
We will talk about the problems that local startups often face and we will also share our own experience within software ideas implementation: the most common mistakes to avoid, a piece of advice on how to build a proper collaboration with the developers and many more.

We are super excited to meet you, have a talk, build personal and business relationships, collaborate and grow together.

In case you can’t visit the event for some reason, come back to our blog later. We will gladly share our impression and summary of the summit once the event is over. Thank you for being with us, and see you soon!

You can find more info at the official website of SSS UAE.

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