Jan 15, 2021
by Alexei Falco

COVID-19: TOP 10 App Ideas to Keep Your Business Afloat

One of the key activities we have to perform in the harsh business world is research, monitoring, and analysis of what the market is longing for and what the users need. Let’s have a quick look at one of the researches, dedicated to the apps people were searching for in Google during the peak of the COVID pandemic (spring-summer 2020). The research data is the one provided by Google Website and Google analytics.

COVID-19 has changed the world and its outbreak affected literally every single aspect of our life. But the truth is, the virus wave is, unfortunately, not a single event and the outbreaks will repeat. So the business has to react to this new world and the following consequences. One of them is online business surviving and flourishing.

By the end of 2024, the amount of mobile downloads is expected to reach almost 184 billion. So the growth will be almost 9% over the previous forecast, having been made before the pandemic.

So how to decide which niche you should target now? Here we have collected some TOP categories to focus on. The Google Analytics and Google Search Console show the following result:

  • TikTok clone
  • Food delivery app
  • Online education
  • e-Commerce
  • Grocery
  • Healthcare app
  • Booking app
  • Fitness app
  • Pickup and delivery app

We will make a brief description of some of the niches, so follow along.

TikTok clones

This app is an absolute leader. People in lockdown are bored, so naturally, they are looking for some sort of entertainment. If you are planning to create an app, one of the best solutions is to make some media distribution service. As we see from the data, provided by Google Analytics and Google Search, it is in high demand now. And the demand might increase as Tik-Tok is banned here and there around the world, for example in India. Big corporations like Fb and old good Google started working on the same idea. For example, Fb now has Instagram Real and Google has rolled YouTube Shorts. Other companies are bidding to buy Tik-Tok and not to bother with something new.

Food delivery applications

According to the analytics, it is the second most searched app. It is clear that now any business should go online or at least think about how to do that. And the food industry is the biggest one, focused on offline services. In the pandemic world, a lot of restaurants and small joints do not have their online platform which can be fatal for such businesses. Help them to survive by targeting this niche, why not?

e-Learning apps

Probably, this COVID outbreak will have finally made a turn in the concept of education. The online learning platforms are rising as offline schools and universities go remote. Parents and institutions are both looking for alternatives so the students of all ages can be as productive, as possible. And of course, the task is to minimize the percentage of students falling out of the educational process. So now we have not just the corona-wave but an online education wave as well. Grab it and take 200% out of it.

Mobile App for Tutors Portal - Celadon case

e-Commerce applications

The situation here is even harsher than in the Food industry. People used to spend time shopping but now this opportunity is blocked. So they literally went online and now they are searching in Google for some decent app as they were doing so offline in the shop.

Grocery apps

Downloads of Instacart, Walmart’s grocery app, and Shipt have increased by 218%, 160%, and 124%, respectively. We are pretty sure you have not even a clue about that. Even more, you could hardly imagine this kind of app appearing here, in the list. But it is the new reality. People, being stuck in the lockdown, started to look for online grocery possibilities as far for some it is a precautionary measure and for others just a simple way to do the deed. Online grocery has become one of the most picked keywords and it is still experiencing everyday growth. So you can pick this niche as a good start with lower competitors’ rates. By the way, look at the chart, showing how the market of online grocery has grown up since the pandemic started.

Healthcare apps

The pandemic has revealed yet another challenge the doctors have to cope with. Apart from actually treating the COVID-patients, they should still take care of the ones without the virus, not letting them step out of their places. People also need remote healthcare solutions to cope with day-to-day issues that did not disappear with the COVID-outbreak. However, there are a lot of other consequences of the crisis having an impact on the population's health so they have to be maintained as well. So now there’s a need for solutions, allowing people to reach their doctors digitally. You can come up with some mobile app or other solution, solving this particular issue.

Booking apps

Booking apps are still in demand, but now the niche is different. Before the pandemic booking apps were used for entertainment mostly, but now it is more about healthcare, delivery, housekeeping services, and so on. One can create ready-made solutions for these services as an option.

Fitness apps

Healthy lifestyle has become a trend in the past few years. But now, in this new pandemic world, fitness centers were affected by other businesses. As a response to it, people started moving to fitness apps and online training courses so they can set and maintain their exercises at home. As a result, lockdown became a true blessing for the business owners, who managed to launch a training platform or an app. Yoga apps, meditation apps, even complete online training boot camps – the potential is incredible.

AI-Powered Personal Coach Application - Celadon case

Delivery apps

Business tries to adapt, survive, and get more profit as smoothly as it can be under the circumstances. Not all of them can afford to develop a personal unique app. But in this case, another gift from heaven appeared – delivery and pickup services. These apps are experiencing a true boom now when people try to minimize contacts as much as possible.

COVID outbreak became a bolt out of the blue for the whole of humankind, as far we do not have any 100% working strategy out of the box. Businesses try their best to adapt and survive, and for now, the apps, listed above, are the closest and the best solution for the ones, willing to cope with the changes the virus brought.

Going online seems to be futuristic, or at least it was so before the COVID breakdown. Now the digital world became our reality and mobile or desktop apps for business – the need of the hour. So if you are about to invest, run an offline business, or just looking for a niche to work in, now it’s the time to act.

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