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Efficiently resolve any issues with Celadon’s software project rescue services. It’s all about pure interest in understanding your business to make it succeed
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If you realize that your budget is running out without the expected outcome, or the deadline is tight, and the project is not moving anywhere, or even the quality of the product appears simply unsatisfactory, you might need to undertake something to save your project. That is when custom software project rescue services might be needed.

If your development team fails to meet the requirements, Celadon's project rescue can assist you in getting back on track. Our team of specialists will collaborate with you to determine the underlying cause of the problem and create a customized remedy.

When your project has been left unfinished by developers, and you don't have the required resources to complete it, Celadon's Project Rescue is here to help. We have a team of proficient experts who are capable of rescuing your project by investing their advanced skills and extensive experience.

How Software Rescue and Support Services Work

Performing a comprehensive analysis of the problematic IT initiative to pinpoint the underlying reasons for problems, evaluate potential hazards, and gain insight into the current status of the project.

What Celadon Offers to Rescue Your Project

Deep Specialization
The experience of our developers and project managers in certain fields allow us to quickly find and apply solution even in very difficult situations. We don't take the projects to rescue if we are not 100% sure that we really fit the technology stack, but we might be able to recommend one of our partner companies in that case.
Complete Project Visibility
We operate in a fully transparent management environment and let you be aware of everything, from the team's daily workload and project progress to the specific work of every team member and control statuses.
Quick Iteration and Regular Demos
After iteration (normally about a couple of weeks) we provide you with a fully tested piece of software. The Agile method of development allows you to set priorities to the requirements and monitor progress in an efficient manner.
European Talents
Our software project rescue services company specializes in working in the Middle East region, though our team originated from Eastern Europe. UAE and our managers speak your language and are always happy to communicate in order to solve the questions fast.
Redesigned Project
Our approach involves utilizing Agile methodologies along with the latest and most appropriate technologies to provide you with a software solution that is highly scalable, easily maintainable, and of top-notch quality. We are committed to improving every aspect of your project to ensure that you receive an enhanced user experience and achieve greater business value.
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What Our Great Clients Say About Us

Used Car Aggregator Development
Celadon has successfully restored the client's software and has also added a useful backend admin platform. Furthermore, they have delivered comprehensive reporting on the promised deliverables and have met the agreed timeline.
Director of Operations, DigiTraid Auto
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Web Project Rescue and Development
The software was optimized by Celadon through proactive recommendations, resulting in an improvement of the existing code. Celadon is dependable and keeps open lines of communication, ensuring they meet deadlines and quickly address support requests.
Executive, SC Solutions
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Car Marketplace Rescue And Development
A mobile app was created by Celadon that successfully increased the client's conversion rate, even though the previous main UI was ineffective. The team used Agile, Scrum, Jira, Slack, and Zoom to ensure smooth collaboration and communication.
CEO, Subaba
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Software Rescue Services
Bug fixes and code reviews are provided by Celadon for a marketing platform. The efficient workflow and high-quality fixes ensure that reviews are smooth and functionality is improved.
CEO, Marketing Company
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Online Marketing Platform Development
The project was launched by Celadon's team as per schedule and they are still incorporating new functionalities. The developers' quality impressed the company, resulting in the project being completed efficiently.
CEO, Swiss Interactive Software
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