Jul 6, 2017
by Irina Linnik

The hottest trends in UX/UI for 2017

User experience and user interface are the components that make your app appealing and determine whether your customer will enjoy using it. We live in an era when the customer dictates what they want and need and your task is to adjust to their requirements and deliver maximal amount of solutions with minimal complexity.

You want your app to be functional but you don’t want to overload it with features and design tricks. If you have any concerns about the current state of your product or want to learn something new, we have collected the hottest UX/UI trends of 2017 in this blog post.

1. Chat bots

Chat bots are something that has been gaining popularity these days as they help customers get more personalized experience and are really useful. Based on machine learning (which is also incredibly “hot” today), chat bots have basically same functions as employees do in the stores. When your customer sees a lot of information in your app/website, the first thing they want to do is ask for help (or, in other words, ask someone to do the search for them). Chat bots save their time by immediately responding to their requests and serve as a “personal” link between your business and your customers.

2. Use of videos and GIFs

Numerous studies proved that people tend to memorize the information better and pay more attention to the videos rather than simple images and infographics. Of course, if we speak about a mobile app, it may be a bit hard to implement a video in it and that’s where GIFs step in.

Your customers want to see your story and video/GIF is the best way for you to demonstrate it.

3. Vivid colors

One of the modern design trends is the use of vivid colors that grab attention and make your product stand out. We have seen minimalistic approach with calm and light colors but in 2017 do not be afraid to add a bit of brightness to your design.

However, be sure the colors you chose correspond to the overall idea of your product. For example, in the world of financing and banking bright red or orange may not be considered suitable so think carefully about your message before you launch the design.

4. Long scrolls

Because the audience shifted to mobile devices and wants to have everything in front of the eyes, long scrolls are something that is trending today. Instead of going all over your app in search of necessary info, the user can simply scroll down without performing any extra actions. The users today are comfortable with that so scrolled interfaces are something more and more companies deploy.

5. Augmented reality & artificial intelligence

Pokemon Go, Snapchat and its dancing hot-dog – all these things are becoming more and more common these days. Customers are now becoming used to the fact that they can expect some augmented reality in their apps or at least some artificial intelligence.

AI is blooming today and forward-looking companies are taking great advantage of it. Yes, it may cost you certain amount of money but you will be creating a product that will be immediately recognized and distinguished.

When speaking about UI/UX, we first recommend to outline your mission, your message to the audience and what you would like your app to do. Then, match these features to the trends and see what would fit and be right just for you. Modern business is different than years ago as companies are doing their best to stand out and show their individuality. So do not fall for what it is hot – first of all, think what is right exactly for you and then outline a strategy for your next steps. And we will gladly help you with that in case you will need any counselling or simply a piece of advice.

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