Web Application Development Services

Custom Website Design and Development

Fast, beautiful, innovative, modern - if these are the words that come up to your mind when you think about web development in the UAE? Then contact us, tell us about your needs, and we will gladly help you with high-quality custom web development in Dubai.

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Web App Development

Whatever you do, you can do it better with modern web technologies. We're a web development company that will provide you with a number of excellent web app ideas.

Our custom web development company develops products to help you expand your audience and improve your performance in the market. Contact our web application development in Dubai, and we will provide you with a number of great web app ideas.

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API Development and Integration

Everything is possible when you have imagination.

Celadon’s custom web application development services imply working on a project from the beginning to the end – and it includes API development and integration.  API stands for Application Programming Interface and helps developers use certain technologies while building apps. It is crucial for building application software, so it’s important that API design is suitable for your purposes.


Web Service UX/UI

If you have a software system and have an idea to update its design and user experience, then let us see how we can help you.

There are so many web apps that exist in the market, and you definitely want your app to stand out and be appealing to the user. At Celadon, we know how to create a proper UX/UI for a unique experience.


Professional Consulting

We have worked with all that before, and we know the best ways to make your app great and outstanding. However, we also want to keep you informed about all the processes, and we want you to understand every step of our work. At Celadon, you can expect thorough and detailed consulting on whether you really need that app, what the development process involves, the best ways to market it, and so on.

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The Roadmap of Web Development


Specifications and Planning

We have a deep knowledge of how to build a web tool that brings value to your business. Significant experience in digital marketing of our business analytics can help you to build the best suitable working structure for your website. 


UX/UI Design

The modern world is hungry for modern design. Celadon UI/UX designers strive to make the app feel user-friendly and intuitive. Our focus is to provide innovative ideas with user experience excellence.


Development and API Integrations

We conduct web development with python and other programming languages. Whatever your business is, you can continuously improve your performance with modern web technologies. Small business web development is a great helper in paving the path to a big thing.

In order for the app to work properly, we will first design the API and then integrate it into the app. You will not have to worry about a thing – we will make sure everything works as it is supposed to.



Celadon is a web application development company in Dubai that delivers secured solutions. To make it so, QA engineers perform both manual and automated tests to deliver web apps that burst efficiency or enrich your innovator’s goals. web app development company will not let a bug get into a web application.


Web App Release

Upon customer approval, we will release a developed web application. Web apps can be accessed from any point and any device: smartphones, PC, laptops, tablets, etc.


Web apps are very customizable and cost-saving. Minimum effort and maximum result  - try it and see how your business grows!




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