Swift Development

Swift was developed by Apple and it’s easy to guess that it is designed for creating iOS apps. It is a general-purpose and multi-paradigm language and is intended to work with specific Apple development tools.

Swift is used to write apps for iOS, Linux, MacOS and all Apple accessories and devices. Even though iOS apps can be written with Objective-C as well, Swift remains number one choice among Apple developers.

What makes Swift the best for iOS:

Clean syntax

The language is easy to write, and what is oftem more important - to read.


Enhanced platform security

Dynamic libraries

Support of dynamic libraries


Fast growing open source community.

Why Swift outperforms Objective-C and why it's simply better

Both Swift and Objective-C are used to develop iOS apps. However, Swift has numerous advantages if compared to Objective-C.

First, Swift is easier to read. It has more clear code and overall resembles English - which makes Swift easy to adopt for developers from other programming languages.

Second, Swift is more efficient in terms of maintenance. While Objective-C in some cases requires developers to do additional work, Swift lets them focus on bigger picture and dedicate time to app logic rather than bookkeeping.

In addition, Swift helps developers reduce the time spent on bug fixing and is overall considered a more secure language.

When we develop iOS apps we choose the most efficient tools - this is the reason we love using Swift for app development.

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