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Why is Celadon for your MVP App Development Services

Regular reports

We believe that every report is not just a set of points, but a powerful project management tool. Our MVP application development company always includes information regarding the team members, working on the project, and the time they spent. This ensures transparency and tractability of the mobile and web MVP app development services. If you want to explore an example of the report, just get in touch in the form below.


We stand for flexibility of custom MVP app development services, so each sprint adds some features ready to be implemented into the final product, however, the results of each separate sprint, can be tested, which can take up to two weeks. This means you can check if it is necessary to add them to the project or decline them.


We use the “transparency approach” - our client controls the work efficiency and deadlines. While working with us you can be in total control of the web app development services stages, setting the goals for the next steps and analyzing the current ones. We are open to communication and productive work side by side for higher efficiency.

Fair payment

The Time and Materials model allows you to pay step by step and know where the money goes. We provide detailed monthly reports which mention all the completed tasks. Reports can be provided twice a month upon your request.

MVP (a minimum viable product) is the first reduced product version, that help to gather and analyze customers information with minimum effort. So, you easily can get an estimated demand forecast.

The started features may not meet all the users’ expectations and cover their needs. It's commonly spread that the app can become popular with a limited set of features. So, the main rule to remember - MVP app development services should be kept effortless and easy.

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