Digital Marketing

Developing an app or website is only first step! Promoting it properly is not less important. Being aware of some magic tricks, Celadon team is ready and able to offer a range of digital marketing services. We have experience of launching projects to the market all over the world, and we can give you a hand on promoting your app in the stores, attracting much more users, or increasing target audience traffic towards your website or web service. 

Search Advertising

Search advertising (or paid search advertising in other words) and search engine marketing basically make up a technique that places online ads in search engine results. There is a small fee required for placing these ads and it is paid whenever the user clicks on the add (this is a “pay per click” practice).

Mobile Apps Technical marketing

Marketing is not only creative but also technical in some aspects so it’s obvious these aspects have to be managed by tech specialist. The tech area includes correct screenshots, detailed and proper descriptions, keywords, etc. Celadon marketing gurus will use all their knowledge and skills in order to get your app to the top.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is valued greatly because it is used to increase the number of visitors by getting into top-ranking at a search results page of a search engine (like Google or Yahoo). Proper SEO demands a lot of skills and knowledge and Celadon specialists will gladly help you become visible and recognized.

Mobile Apps Marketing - Assessment

As soon as your app is ready you want to submit it to App Store and let people know about it! Still there is something left to do before submitting it to the store: making sure the app functions smoothly and meets the store requirements. This may take a lot of time and is quite a monotonous work so we can do it for you. Celadon offers full assessment and support for your app, including check of rollbacks, smoke testing, managing main store settings and much more. We will ensure your app is 100% ready to be released.

Display Advertising (Google Display Network)

Google AdWords is divided into two networks: Search Network and Display Network. With option one, companies place their text ads among search engine results. If you choose Display Network, the display ads will be placed in a big network of sites all across the Internet.



Mobile Apps traffic buying

The mistake that many people make is: uploading the app and waiting for the cash. But it does not work like that. You need to find your own target audience, test the ads, analyze user behavior, work on creatives and of course optimize the installation cost. It may sound scary but no worries - we gladly offer you help with all these services to help you find the right people for your product.


This feature plays a little trick as it enables you to customize your ads for the users who previously visited your website and tailor them to these users when they browse the web next time.

Search Engine Optimisation Audit

In case your website does not work as efficient as you expected, the matter may be in wrong SEO. Anyways, we have a solution for that!

We offer SEO Audits that include detailed analysis, evaluation and prioritization of your SEO.

Our Audit includes both internal and external analysis. You will see the overall share of the SEO market and also understand how well your site is optimized to get additional market share. And most importantly, you will know what to do in order to increase website efficiency.

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