Python Development

Python is a general-purpose language that is used in such trending technologies as machine learning, for example. It is:

Expressive language

While having not so many code lines, Python still offers you great functionality. 

Supportive and large community

Because Python is so rapidly evolving, it has large and ultra-supportive community. You can learn tons of useful tips from it and get 24/7 support.


Python is a bit more easy to learn due to its simple and “natural” syntax.


Python is rather forgiving in terms of errors and allows solving problems by different methods. This said, the language is overall dynamic.

When python is used?

Python is widely used in ML (machine learning), it has popular libraries and frameworks, intended for this technology. The biggest ones are scikit-learn and TensorFlow.

As well Python is used for data analysis and visualization - such as graph or diagram building, for example. In this case Matplotlib library is the most popular choice, in along with Python.

Other popular Python applications are script writing, embedded app development, computer games, desktop apps. As for mobile app development, Python is used to create cross-platform apps.

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