Social Network App Development

Industry:                  Sport


Platforms:                Android, iOS


Duration:                  4 months






The client, a recently formed startup, reached us to order development of a social network aimed at non-professional soccer players. social network app development was to give several opportunities for amateur sportsmen:

  • Connect different soccer players
  • Build teams
  • Invite rivals to participate in matches
  • Schedule matches

The startup had a stiffly determined budget, so the challenge was creating a sports social network that meets the expected scope and functionality.


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Fun Features

We introduced an advanced notification system to inform about request/accept/reject flow. Also, the app has built-in chats and speaks several languages, including Arabic RTL. 




The app was an MVP development with React Native and Firebase to integrate chats, SMS authentication, and a notification system. It was effectively delivered to Google Play and AppStore and received the users' and startup's appreciative feedback.

After the first iteration was released, the foremost app evolution was requested - to add an admin interface for the social sports app, add tournaments - special competitions hosted by the platform owners.

We used Django to assemble the admin interface and ensure its fast and user-friendly character. Also, we implemented the required updates in the React Native app. The app performance and scalability were fine-tuned. At some point, we realized we messed up in development and the Firebase real-time database was functioning overly laggy precisely in the UAE region. We kept our shoulders to the wheel to achieve a smooth and quick app work by the set deadline. The development took a little longer, but the app update was dropped. The app performance was better and more stable.

We continue cooperating with the startup and act as a technical consultant for sports social app development expansion. The client is planning to enable support of different kinds of sports apart from soccer.


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