Q&A Social Network App Development

Industry:                     Social Media


Services provided:     Backend, Frontend development, Product design, Project management, QA


Duration:                     3 months



Technology stack used


Knowledge is an invaluable resource, serving as a catalyst for development. That's precisely why our client approached Celadon engineers to create a Q&A social networking application. Our goal was to facilitate the rapid exchange of unique experiences through interactive Q&A sessions with experts and businesses while also offering a treasure trove of insightful posts from these industry leaders.


The concept behind this social media platform was founded on a pivotal idea: 'Users power the network.' Users were meant to drive the platform by sharing thoughts, ideas, and, most notably, experiences across diverse domains, ranging from literature and business to medicine and extreme hobbies.


Doesn't it pique your interest? It certainly did for us as we delved into discussions regarding the app's specifications and development costs.



Behind the Idea to Make Q&A Social Network App

Creating a Q&A social network app presented a formidable challenge. The key objective was to create an application capable of captivating individuals possessing exceptional expertise and deep knowledge across diverse domains. We aimed to motivate them to share their insights, gain promotional exposure, and intensify their social impact. Simultaneously, we aspired to entice individuals with the prospect of uncovering verified expert responses to their inquiries.


In pursuit of this objective, our social media platform had to exhibit technical excellence, offer a user-friendly interface, and, most importantly, cater to the distinct needs of these two key user groups.



Essentials of Q&A Social Network App Creation

Building a Q&A social network app shares similarities with other forms of mobile app development or web app development – teamwork and close collaboration with clients are essential.


The development of the Q&A social network app followed a sprint-based approach, with each sprint having its specific objectives and tasks. At the conclusion of each sprint, the results underwent final review by the client.



We implemented a set of practices to foster the necessary teamwork and close collaboration. These included daily team brainstorming sessions, weekly in-depth brainstorming sessions with the client's team, and thorough research and examination of existing solutions. This approach proved instrumental in helping our team avoid numerous errors and shortcomings, gain a comprehensive understanding of social media app development, oversee the subsequent phases of Q&A social network app creation, and ultimately deliver a robust product.


As we worked towards creating our Q&A social network app, we leveraged a formidable technical toolkit. This included TypeScript and NestJS for web development, AWS Amplify for versatile authentication, and Quill for text editing. Additionally, we seamlessly integrated the Google Cloud Platform for authentication and analytics, alongside Facebook and Apple for authentication purposes. Our backend was constructed using Python and Django for API implementation, with Postgres serving as the database. For DevOps, we relied on AWS infrastructure, complemented by GitLab CI/CD, GitLab Runner, and Docker, for efficient deployment and maintenance.






Interesting Features

During the design phase, our primary focus was on achieving seamless integration of GUI elements, ensuring they harmonized perfectly with the product's unique color palette as outlined in the brand guidelines. Furthermore, we embraced a material design philosophy to craft a Q&A social network app boasting a unified and aesthetically pleasing interface that elevates the overall user experience.



While the world may appear saturated with social media platforms, there's always space for innovation. Do you share a similar vision? Let's connect and explore possibilities.




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