Kitty Runner Mobile Game

Industry:                  Mobile Game


Technology:             Unity


Duration:                  3 months





The main segment of the customers and target audience are mothers with kids. So, the main idea and the project’s purpose was to implement monetization through the game.

The customer's request to the team was for the game to be made with a focus on the design of their store, be fun and engaging.

So the users can play, accumulate chips and increase their rating among the players. Also, the players should be able to exchange game bonuses in the store for discounts and real purchases.

However, at the moment, the game is monetized only through a paid subscription starting from level 5.


Design elements






The customer contacted us without having any scratches or prototypes. He had an idea to create a game, a brand book, and a store website, so we worked out and brought the idea to life from scratch.

 The Celadon team thanks to teamwork, endless research, brainstorming and constant communication with the customer developed the game design of each level, the design of all objects and characters, the entire UX / UI, as well as the idea and logic of the game, comics and dialogues appearing over the gaming process. We also developed all the logic for calculating and converting points for leaderboards as separate parts of work.


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