Character Sheet App With IoT Integration for Board Games

Industry:                  Gaming


Platforms:                Mobile, iOS, Android


Duration:                  6 months





Our concept revolves around crafting a character sheet app integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) dice, offering an exciting opportunity to revolutionize the conventional board gaming encounter. At first glance, the project may appear to be a straightforward note-taking application, but there's a depth beyond the surface. The application goes beyond simplicity by incorporating a sophisticated integration with digital dice through IoT technology.

Enthusiasts of board games are well aware of the value of paper records during gameplay. Nevertheless, relying on paper comes with its own set of challenges—records can easily be misplaced, and calculating character attributes can be resource-intensive and prone to errors.

Recognizing these issues, our client conceived the innovative notion of designing a character sheet application paired with IoT-connected digital dice. The core purpose of this application is to empower players to effortlessly input, archive, and compute various parameters and actions using a range of in-app algorithms and formulas.

The customer sought the assistance of Celadon's development team to create this character sheet application with an IoT integration.


The Path of Developing a Character Sheet App With IoT Device


A pivotal aspect of the project involves implementing a functionality enabling players to input designated parameters into a formula. These parameters encompass vital attributes like strength, endurance, and more. Subsequent to inputting these values, the application will discreetly employ underlying algorithms to compute specific outcomes—operations hidden from the player's view.

The formula feature forms the core of our character sheet app development, seamlessly automating intricate calculations via IoT integration. This frees players to concentrate on strategy and decision-making, saving time and enhancing enjoyment. The feature's implementation was rigorous, involving business logic, design, and precise coding for formula conditions. Client collaboration remained constant to meet their needs, with various options discussed.


Integrating a formula into code is complex and time-consuming. Our team followed the steps: clarifying requirements through client calls, brainstorming solutions, and selecting the best for our character sheet app with IoT integration. We're finalizing details confidently, aiming to revolutionize traditional role board games.


An essential aspect is character sheets, allowing custom rulesets with individualized parameters. Users can craft characters with tailored titles, names, ages, and images.


Key Highlights:

  • IoT dice integration
  • Game rule-based dice rolling
  • Crafting character sheet templates
  • Tailoring character sheet designs
  • Character sheet completion
  • Move outcome calculation (damage, advancement)
  • Character sheet template crafting

A Few Words About Designing Character Sheet App With IoT

We conceived an idea for an IoT-integrated character sheet app. Beginning with sketches, we meticulously designed the app from scratch, considering layout, logic, and wireframes. Our design process included competitor research and user preferences.


Once the foundation was solid, we focused on frame styles for user-friendly information display. After experimenting with colors and fonts, we aligned the scheme with the client's brand identity.



Celadon remains committed to advancing the project and offers mobile game development services for IoT dice-supported board games. If your project aligns, our app development services are available. Connect with Celadon to explore tailored solutions.



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