Project Rescue

Sometimes software projects face issues that was impossible to predict. Such issues may include technology or resource failure, lack of project management or scope creep. If you realize that your budget is running out without expected outcome or deadline is tight and the project is not moving anywhere, or even the quality of the product appears simply unsatisfactory, you might need to undertake something to save you project. That is when project rescue services might be needed.


When your project needs rescue

If you are read this page, most probable one or some of the following issues've occured during the work on your software project:

1. Costs exceeding the estimation

2. Duration exceeding the estimation

3. Product does not correspond the requirements

4. Product does not have value for the users

5. Legal issues that lead to commercial disagreements

6. Lack of skills and expertise: the developers left the project unfinished and you don’t have qualified resources to complete it

However, everything can be solved by somebody who knows how – we can rescue your project and return it on the right track.


How it works


We will start our work with analyzing the project to identify main challenges and then we will come up with the necessary corrective actions, or suggestions.

During the transition phase, we:

1) Analyze the main causes of project challenges and provide recommendations on their elimination

2) Analyze and evaluate the most suitable architecture and tech solutions

3) Analyze and re-estimate precise requirements for the project, including user value

4) Ensure complete transparency of project management and all processes so you know exactly what’s going on at each project stage

In case even if your budget left low, and the project needs to be launched, we can quickly figure out and complete the key features of the app or product, that will allow it to bring value to the users, and start bringing ROI in order to continue further development of other features, improving your product once it is already live.


Why choose Celadon


1) We have deep specialization in certain technologies and industries. The experience of our developers and project managers in certain fields allow us to quickly find and apply solution even in very difficult situations. We don't take the projects to rescue if we are not 100% sure that we really fit the technology stack, but we might be able to reccomend you one of our partners company in that case.

2) Complete project visibility. We operate in a fully transparent management environment and let you be aware of everything, from team daily workload and project progress to specific work of every team member and control statuses.

3) Quick iteration and regular demos: after iteration (normally about couple weeks) we provide you with a fully tested piece of software. The Agile method of development allows you to set priorities to the requirements and monitor progress in an efficient manner.

4) We specialize working in the Middle East region, we are phisicaly located in Dubai, UAE and our managers speak your language and always happy to communicate in order to solve the questions fast.


Professional Team:


1) Rich experience in Agile software development and well-versed in essential success factors

2) Proactive attitude, excellent problem-solving and communication

3) Efficient resolution of any issues and making sure the project corresponds to the requirements. Pure interest in understanding your business and making it succeed.


Your Product Redesigned


We combine Agile methodologies with cutting-edge and most suitable technologies in order to deliver for you an easily maintained, scalable and high quality software solution. We are ready to improve even the smallest details of your project so that you will receive enhanced user experience and increased business value as an outcome.

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