Mobile App Development Services

Custom mobile and web development

To make your users experience truly unforgettable, we are building native and hybrid mobile applications, as well as web digital solutions.

We are truly proud of our custom mobile and we development services:

1. Startups full stack service

if you are going to run a startup, or already running, you might find some usefull information on this page.

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2. Front-end development

We know how to hanlde user experience, both for big complicatied systems and simple and elegant apps.

3. MVP designing and building

If you want to prove your buisness model or attract investments, you might need to make a Minimum Viable Product - MVP, and make it right.

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4. QA testing services

If you already have an application, and want to make sure it works as it should, or check compatibility on different devices, you might need to have some professional quality assurance testing. 

Software solutions for business

We provide full range of custom software development to different kind of businesses. We are experienced in creating applications, that improve efficiency, cut business costs, and solve other tasks for such industries like:


1. Delivery services management system

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2. E-commerce trade platform


3. Applications for restaurants

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4. Maintenance services management system

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5. Travel agencies


6. Healthcare


7. Big data management

Staff augmentation

- If you run a project and have troubles finishing it on time

- If you need additional expertice of skilled specialists

- If you want to reduse costs on internal development

- Looking for a rare skill specialist

We can empower your team with with skilled and experienced developers for short and longrun deals.

Mobile app UX/UI

Your users are the one who bring you profit and you would want your users to enjoy your product. This is why user experience and user interface are so important.

We will help you in creating an appealing and smooth UX/UI that will become an unforgettable experience for your users and will bring your product to the next level.

Maintenance and support

At Celadon we believe in long-lasting relationship between us and our client. That’s why we are offering app maintenance and support.

After we design your app we will make sure it works smoothly and will provide full support with its further maintenance. We will take care of fixing any bugs and making any amendments – you name it! After all, we want your product to succeed as much as you do.

Professional Consulting

We have worked with all that before and we know the best ways to make your app great and outstanding. However, we also want to keep you informed about all the processes and we want you to understand every step of our work. At Celadon you can expect thorough and detailed consulting on whether you really need that app, what the development process involves, what are the best ways to market it and so on. Let’s discuss it together!

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