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The business and technology world changes fast. Celadon, a European mobile application development company in Dubai, puts forth its effort to constantly educate and be on the edge of the most modern technologies.

We always prefer to take on more sophisticated projects where we can learn something new to be the best professionals in our field and deliver one-of-a-kind mobile app development services in the UAE. Most notably, we actively commit to developing apps that hold the promise of making a positive difference in the world, addressing a problem in any given field, and empowering people to save time and deal with things at the fingertip tap on a smartphone screen. 



Our Mobile Application Development Company will Help you Figure out What Works Best for Your Product

Strong Technical Stack

In our custom mobile app development company, we follow a principle: to use the best technology to deliver the best mobile apps. Therefore, our technology stack includes the most modern and efficiency-proven technologies and tools. Yet, we’re constantly learning and improving through various courses and workshops in and outside the company.

From the Idea to the Maintenance

Celadon is a mobile application development services company that will take care of your product from the initial idea to a fully functional mobile application. Whether it is native or cross-platform, iOS or Android, we’ll cover all.

European Team

We’re a team of professional developers in the UAE from Eastern Europe, a place known for its one-of-a-kind talents in the field of information technology. Solid skills and a high level of professionalism are the traits that the Celadon team possesses.

From Scratch and Rescue

Whatever the request is, Celadon can offer a solution. We develop mobile apps from scratch going through a full-ranging development cycle. We may take pre-developed apps over and give them a fresh look by updating the code, refreshing the UI/UX, improving the architecture, etc.

Transparent Ongoing Communication

Though there may be thousands of miles between the development team and you, our team remains in touch and feels close thanks to the inbound and unbreakable communication throughout the cycle. We employ efficiency-proven tools to keep the communication going through texts, video, and audio calls.

MVP Development

Are you thinking about a mobile app but are still determining if the market will welcome your idea? Start with MVP. MVP is a smart move to test the concept out before going for something big. Celadon’s MVP development services will give you more chances to attract investments. 

Key Areas of Mobile Development Expertise

iOS Apps Development

If you chose to go with single platform application, most often it's would be iOS. We love to develop innovative iOS applications utilizing most modern development practices and tools.

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iOS Apps Development
Powerful and Intuitive. Your Future iOS App
Android Apps Development

In case the app function demands heavy usage of device built-in tools and power or deeply customized UI, it's better to choose native development. Android captures a large share of the mobile devices market, so you are targeting a higher number of users by developing a mobile app for Android. 

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Android Apps Development
Android applications
Cross Platform Apps

Modern technologies and frameworks make it possible to build cross-platform apps that, in most cases, look, feel and perform on the same level as native. One of the most modern technologies for cross-platform app development is React Native, in which our Europe-based custom mobile application development company deeply specializes. 

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Cross Platform Apps
Cross Platform Apps

We will help you figure out what works best for your product

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Mobile Apps

The mobile application quality and smooth development process as they work now were achieved thanks to the constant improvement processes and lessons learned from working on projects in mobile and web app development. The mobile development background has formed our professionalism.

Our mobile app development company offers mobile application development services in concept creation, project planning, UI/UX designing, development, QA, support, and maintenance of mobile applications. In addition, we provide custom mobile app development services to deliver apps of any complexity and size.



We work on a time and materials collaboration model that fits most for innovative and creative projects. We believe the key to successful mobile app development is working in tight collaboration with the client to create his dream app. 

Trust your idea to Celadon, a European mobile app development company in the UAE, to unleash the full potential of Android or iOS native apps. We offer high-quality native mobile app development services in Dubai to our clients. 

However, you may want to go for cross-Platform apps and combine both iOS’s user loyalty and Android’s user quantity. Moreover, the cross-platform unveils the full potential of the idea by being presented in two markets. Get a bigger market opened thanks to leveraging Celadon’s mobile app development services.



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