JavaScript Development

JavaScipt is one of the three core technologies of the World Wide Web and is a high-level, multi-paradigm language. It is the most focused technology at Celadon, and we are always happy to use our knowledge and experience working on interesting innovative projects.

JavaScript is used for building:

  • Websites
  • Web applications
  • Server apps
  • Web servers
  • Mobile apps

JavaScript is widely used by developers all over the world and has the following advantages:

Speed of performance

The client-side JS is incredibly fast and runs almost immediately within the client-side browser. As well, JavaScript does not have to be compiled on the client side, which is also a timesaving factor.


JS has extremely big community and great number of available resources and documentation. It also remains in the top of most popular programming languages and is used in thousands of projects.


JS can be used for both front end and back end (Node.js) development and is extremely versatile.

Decreased server load

Since it’s a client-side language, it decreases the demand on the server.

JS frameworks

JS frameworks are fast, efficient, safe and cost-saving (even free at times). Below are our top-choices and the ones we prefer to work with.

AngularJS. Is known for easy testing, fast code production, two-way data binding. Is considered the most popular JS framework with the largest community.

ReactJS. Is often compared against Angular, both frameworks are equally popular. React is the one used in UI of Facebook and Instagram and is highly efficient within dynamic apps.

Node.js. It turned JavaScript fullstack from dream to reality and enables to write both back-end and front-end of web apps, using JS.

React Native. This one is also incredibly popular with developers and among industry giants too: React Native is used by Airbnb, Wallmart and Bloomberg. This framework is loved for its almost identical performance to native apps, high productivity and speed of work.

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