Leveraging digital transformation

Artificial Intelligence development

We have a strong team  of engeneers specialized in Artificial Intelligence development. Number of industries utilizing the technology is growing rapidly, and we where there even before it became a trend. Tell us about the project or a task you have in mind and we will take care of the rest.

Machine learning and Neural Networks

From 'smart offers' features to face recognition. Neural Networks and Deep Learning are key technologies to solve the challenges the modern world put in front of modern software innovators. We offer full range of Python development utilizing most innovative tools to reach the goals of our client.

Computer vision

We have a great expertise in building smart software for video analytics: from face recognition systems to smart video search softwares. Challenging tasks - is our specialization.  

AI features development and integration

If you have an Artificial Intellegence feature in mind to implement in your startup project, or if you want to develop one, we have a team of professionals that has enough knowledge and experience to achive the goal with minimum investment. From chatbots to big data predictive analytics modules - we get it covered.

AI cunsultancy

Backend technologies is something that often is quite challenging to understand in detail even for technical people and businessman. Celadon offers Artificial Intellegence cunsultancy to help you plan and build your project right way:
- to figure out the challenge
- to build a business analysis
- to make a proper development planning and technical tasks

- to rapidly solve rising issues

- to calculate the costs and ROI of the project

Our European IT cunsulatants can visit your office in Dubai or anywhere for interviewing and cunsulting. We are located in Dubai, UAE and Minsk, Belarus.

Everybody TALK about AI development - we at Celadon DO AI development. If you want to get things done right and on time, contact us and get a free AI/ML consultancy session. 

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