iOS Apps Development

If the application is developed for one single platform - most often it’s iOS. Most of the mobile app startups start with iOS apps.

We have experience and technical knowledge in creating apps for iOS of different level of complicity that 100% reflect the Apple vision and brand image. At Celadon, we love to develop innovative iOS applications. We develop apps that cover the whole range of Apple products:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Watch
  • Smart devices

Celadon team will also take care of making sure the app corresponds to Apple Store guidelines and runs smoothly on any device.

Why Native Development?

Native mobile applications are incredibly popular as they guarantee excellent performance and user experience. Such apps are written in a language, designed specifically for the platform: for iOS, it would be Swift. Native development has the following advantages:


Best possible speed of performance and responsiveness

Full access

Have full access to all device hardware and software


Top-notch customizable user experience


Can work without Internet connection (unlike hybrid apps)

Developing for iOS

Quality. iOS platform does not ignore even the slightest bugs so you should invest into QA heavily and make sure your app works perfectly.

Design. iOS dynamic app icons and overall design differs greatly from the one that Android has. As well, iOS apps tend to have better and complemented UX as well as better virtual assistant aka Siri.

Improved power management

Better compatibility and HTML support.

When developing iOS applications, we make sure to use the full set of necessary tools that normally includes Cocoa Touch, Xcode IDE, iPhone SDK, interface builder, etc. This helps us deliver high quality and avoid bugs upon app release.

Examples of works

react native

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