Restaurant App Development Services

Retain old customers Get new ones Increase sales Create brand awareness and loyalty Get marketing advantages
Depending on your business needs, goals and budget, we have prepared some options of restaurant app features set up. You can choose the one that fits your needs or you can mix features however you like and receive a 100% customized app
  • Basic demo application can help you get an idea of the application, agree on design and internal testing. It includes the most basic functional. Scope of work and features for such app may include:
  • 1. Tech and graphical design — ER and StateChart diagram, Devops, Wireframes, prototype, design, design slicing - all technical and design works that form general look and body of the app
  • 2. Simple menu — list of products, product images, price, description
  • 3. Online ordering — make an order, list of items ordered, sum calculation, call back principal - manual backend.
  • 4. Contact us — feedback: problems, suggestions, contacts
  • -- We know some rules and tricks how to make the user experience in such way that would minimize the users’ leavings from your app. All buttons and menu should look appealing, be clear and simple for the user. For example:
  • - NEVER create obligatory registration and NEVER ask your client to register before payment - this way you’ll lose about 35% of the customers.
  • - The price should be made as obvious for the client as possible, be located in the seen place and should state all additional costs. 25% of the clients will leave if they don’t see the price when they expect to do so.
  • - The checkout procedure should be as fast and convenient as possible. 23% of clients leave the app because of “too long/complicated checkout process”.
  • -- In order for the app to become successful you have to pay a lot of attention to details, especially before releasing the application. Do not overload the app with functions that you don’t actually need. Choose only those features that solve client’s problems or are advantageous for you. We will speak more about it in the next part about MVP.
  • Getting back to basic demo application - the approximate price for such prototype would be 6960 $ for one platform (iOS or Android) or around 9990 $ - for both (iOS and Android) and prototype can be developed within 4-5 weeks.
  • It’s important to understand: MVP is not a synonym for unfinished or primitive product that was created in a hurry. By creating an MVP, you can better understand needs and expectations of your audience and modify your app to satisfy them.
  • 1. Same foundation as basic project
  • 2. Menu - categories, search, filters - to help the user navigate your menu confidently
  • 3. Ordering - payment type (by card or by cash), other order info, thank you for ordering screen, order confirmation notification by e-mail.
  • 4. Log in/Sign up - user can optionally sign in/sign up with email/password or mobile/ user can restore password, can continue without login.
  • 5. Table booking - set date, set number of people, manual confirmation by admin. Booking confirmation notification by e-mail.
  • 6. User account settings - add/edit user info, photo, contacts, set notification settings, exit from account
  • 7. User orders history - Users can view their orders, general info, details, overview
  • 8. Loyalty - users accomplish goals set by admin, get discounts, can overview loyalty progress in history screen
  • 9. Push-notifications - by geolocation. Invite your users to your restaurants when they are nearby, give them special offers or remind them about loyalty program.
  • 10. Advanced contacts - call from the app, leave feedback, advanced problem reporting - during the MVP stage it's extremely important to gather all the feedback we can from users in order to make their experience better and to make the application fit within all the expectations.
  • 11. Social sharing - let your customers share and recommend your app with social networks they use, thus providing your app with promotion value.
  • 12. Admin web interface - it is actually another application made for managing content and users of a mobile app. We highly recommend building it at an early stage in order to help you manage your app in right and simple way. Here are the basic web app features
  • - customer database management
  • - menu management
  • - loyalty programs, special offers management
  • - push notification management
  • -- As you can see, MVP model includes only those features that are necessary to bring value both to the user and the application owner.
  • To build an MVP for restaurant mobile application, we recommend to set a budget around 27 500 $ for both Android and iOS mobile platforms + web admin interface. To build MVP usually takes about 3-4 months of development.
  • Yet, this is only rough estimation of the development costs, it also depends on the size of your business, amount and type of restaurants. In addition, you can always delete or add different features in your project at any stage.
  • In case you have a big network of restaurants and you exactly know user needs and business processes that you want to automate, you may consider building advanced digital system that will include users mobile applications and managers dashboards.
  • If you really want to go digital, you can save millions of dirham annually by cutting operation costs for managing your customers, venues, and loyalty, and bringing customers back again and again to your restaurants.
  • 1. Same foundation as 1.basic demo + 2.MVP
  • 2. Advanced Menu - set restaurant, suggestions, suggestions by geolocation, special offers by geolocation, ratings, search by geolocation, map view.
  • 3. Online payments - set payment type, pay through the app, auto payments, receipt sent by email.
  • 4. Log in/Sign up - login/sign up with social media: facebook, google account, etc.
  • 5. Table booking - realtime table map, realtime table verification, mobile calendar synchronization
  • 6. User account settings and history - gamification settings, diagrams, status.
  • 7. Loyalty - user points, gamification - user engagement that can produce priceless value.
  • 8. Events - organize and promote events and celebrations with your app.
  • 9. Push-notifications - Advanced animated notifications in order to invite your users to your restaurants when they are nearby, give them special offers, or remind them about loyalty program, events promotion and many more.
  • 10. Advanced contacts - ratings, call from the app, online consultant/ chat bot
  • 11. Social sharing - share the event, share invitation for table booking, gamification progress sharing, instagram integration.
  • 12. Admin web interface - Advanced application made for managing content and users of mobile app, and setting roles to the restaurants admins. Necessary features for managing big systems and multiple restaurants:
  • - customer database management
  • - menu management
  • - loyalty programs, special offers and events management
  • - push notification management
  • - table booking realtime automated system
  • - setting roles to managers, multiple users
  • - improved analytics system
  • 13. POS integration - integrate your systems and automate processes.
  • 14. Trip advisor and other APIs - gather ratings, improve user experience.
  • The system potential of user experience improvement and business operations automation truly has no limits. Moreover, due to having such customer service, modern mobile apps of high quality will be an advertisement for your brand itself.
  • The price for developing full system for restaurants business depends on the size of business and features selected. Full mobile applications and web management system development budget can start from 40 000 $ and mostly depends on client requirements.
  • By the way, you can always add advanced delivery tracking and management features to your restaurant application.

How We Work

When we get a request from you, we will contact you to set up an interview
We research your business and its features
We prepare business analysis for you with our vision of the system that you need
We agree on the selected features to start with and the budget
We develop the solution
We implement it and consult your staff on how to use it
You get your software, improve efficiency, save costs and get back to us for more ;b
We do maintenance, updates and improvements on agreement
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