App Development Services for Startups

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Our strengths and reasons why Celadon is a perfect choice for startup projects and how we can help you achieve the best results with minimal investments and start getting return on investment as soon as possible.
  • Defining the core of your project: it does not matter whether you see your future project in detail or have a complex understanding of it, whether it’s complicated or everything is clear and simple – you can always determine main functions that dictate the logic and form structures that will later on serve as the base for the whole project. If you hesitate, we are ready to help you analyze your project or app idea and develop MVP.
  • Realization of main product features: the price and time for MVP development is much less than for a full project and, what’s really important, you can almost always accurately forecast them. As a result you will invest not much and be able to release an app with all features that really necessary, and on the platform that you consider the best for your project: Web, Andoird, iOS – you will receive ROI even on this stage.
  • Getting feedback from the users: the user needs define the whole app and this is a must. Startups often build their perceptions about user needs based on some kind of hypotheses or own experience. But after you release MVP you will immediately get to know which features your users like and which ones can be removed. At this stage you will receive priceless information about user needs and it will allow you to improve their experience with using your app and plan your next steps of app development.
  • ROI and work on the project: once you launch MVP you can start monetizing your project and if it does not happen, you will at least know the reasons. If needed, you can apply changes to your business approach and monetization principles or you can create a plan for the next sprint: what features and why we should add. We then release an update, get result and, if needed, repeat as many times as needed for your project to become perfect..
  • Be in charge of your budget, control the development speed, and pay for nothing more, than a job done for you.
  • Time & materials: what’s it about – you pay for the services in the course of their provision, after checking the result and according to the per hour rate, discussed in advance. The rate directly depends on specification, qualification and experience of involved developers.
  • Advantages of time & materials approach:
  • No risks for both sides – you don’t pay for what you don’t see.
  • Creative flexibility of development process – it often happens so that good ideas appear during the work process. You will for sure want to apply or try them or at least discuss with the team. With time & materials approach you will not have to bargain every time you want to try something new and you will have zero conflicts with developers because you are in full control of your budget. At any time you can ask for changes, decrease or expand the project. You can experiment and see what works best for you without wasting time on negotiations over the contract
  • Teamwork – We like it when client and developer are on the same page. No more conflicts over the project – from now on, you will have one goal in common, which is how to create a high-quality and effective software.
  • We do as much work as needed, perform as much QA as needed (or as much as the client needs to). We don’t want to appear as a team in borders that has to save up on quality control, testing or development. As well in case of T&M model we don’t have to add reserves “for risk” – and T&M creates a win-win situation for both sides and, most importantly, the app itself.
  • Control over the budget and development process. Time & Materials ensure correct and effective implementation of MVP and scrum model due to regular app updating.
  • Beforehand estimation. Of course, before we start any work we first analyze your project, it's functional and all the platforms that you consider using. We then will calculate the approximate budget and share our estimations with you.Regular reports from our side. Once a month, once in two weeks or even once a week we are ready to present a detailed report to our client with all the info about the process of project development, including all implemented features and tasks resolved, the amount of specialists that worked on the project and amount of hours they spent on each task. Write to us and request a sample report.
  • Regular reports from our side. Once a month, once in two weeks or even once a week we are ready to present a detailed report to our client with all the info about the process of project development, including all implemented features and tasks resolved, the amount of specialists that worked on the project and amount of hours they spent on each task. Write to us and request a sample report.
  • You pay for result – in other words, you pay us based on provided reports and on work that has been done. You can always monitor the progress and control the budget.
  • Specialization in cutting-edge technologies. We focus on carefully selected modern tools and we use it in the right way. Our main specialization is frontend development with cloud backend. Our preferred stack of technologies includes: JavaScript, React, React Native, Node JS, Angular JS, etc.
  • UX/UI – By specializing in frontend, we are able to achieve maximally comfort application use by end users. User experience is one of the most important priorities for us in software development process.
  • Experience – we have over 5 years of experience in developing apps of different levels of complexity. Our portfolio includes more than 50 successfully realized projects for clients from Europe and USA and these projects include great variety of unique solutions with complex structure and opportunities that seemed like a fantasy just a few years ago.
  • Three stages of quality control – we test our software in three stages:
  • 1. Prototype testing – before starting the development process we first check whether the project corresponds business logic of the app,whether the functional is suitable and corresponds to the requirements
  • 2.Testing of developed app – we make sure that functional performs as intended, check compatibility and adequate work of the app with various platforms and devices and we also conduct stress testing to check how app will react on unexpected user behavior and stress situations, such as: problems with connection to the network, unpredictable device turn-off, etc. After that we perform debugging and fix all defects.
  • 3. Regressive testing – after debugging we conduct the final testing stage during which we make sure that no new bugs appeared. This allows us and our client to release an app that we are truly proud of.
  • Focus on Middle East market – our head office is in Dubai and we can always be reached via phone or email. In addition, despite the fact that our development center is in Europe, our developers can always work with you in person, and if needed, in your office. We have completed projects for clients from Europe, USA and Asia. Right now we focus on Middle East, have expertise in the field of RTL development and design and all necessary knowledge about peculiarities of a local market. We are sure that we can offer you the best services for the best price.

How We Work

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Meeting if needed, specifying project demands
Agree on a budget
Development process
QA testing process
Releasing the MVP
Updates, maintenance and support
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