Web & Mobile App Development for Book & Media Retailer

A mobile app and website for sale it back service with a scanning tool that allows users to sell their old books and media.
Web & Mobile App Development for Book & Media Retailer

Project Overview

Duration7 months
  • Cloud server, Web application, Admin interface, iOS & Android application
Technology Stack Used


The client is an online solution to sell used books, CDs, DVDs, and games. He had reached us with a weak e-commerce website. The goals were to redesign it, add features admin interface as well and develop Android and iOS applications.

The task was to build a scanning tool that would allow users to sell their old books and media, and we would offer them a price for it. The main challenge of the project was to optimize the book-finding process and make it easier for customers to navigate the website. We also had to deal with old legacy code and the existing user base, which were in poor condition.


To improve the user experience, we’ve updated the whole website structure, added new features like a new home collection service, saved basket, QR-code scanner, and finally, all pesky bugs have been exterminated. A significant part of the effort is required to refactor the legacy code to be compatible with modern technologies without losing the existing user base.

We’ve also integrated an admin interface and push notifications management service. The team also provided UI/UX designs based on screens provided by the client.

We’re really proud to be working on this beautiful app and sincerely thankful to our client for all the trust he had with us.

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