Used Car Aggregator Development

Celadon embraced the opportunity to craft an innovative resolution poised to transform individuals' approach to exploring and purchasing used automobiles.
Used Car Aggregator Development

Project Overview

Duration3 months
  • Web app, Mobile Adaptive, Admin Interface, Mobile App, iOS, Android
Technology Stack Used
React NativeNode.js
Digital Ocean


Celadon was approached by the client to actualize their long-standing project of a pre-owned car aggregator. This initiative unfolds in two distinct phases, with our team entrusted to deliver mobile app development and web app development services.

The initial stage revolves around constructing a unique used car sales aggregator, spotlighting a distinctive capability to design and customize inspections tailored for second-hand vehicles.

Moving on to the second phase of the pre-owned car search aggregator development, the focus shifts to integrating a feature enabling the creation of diverse inspections, each catering to specific purposes. This encompasses separate inspection criteria for both new and used cars, encompassing varying parameters.

The absence of project documentation led to extensive time spent deciphering application principles from code, hampering understanding of component interactions. Furthermore, the existing architecture with hard links between components posed difficulties. Altering one component impacted others, hindering new feature integration and codebase improvements.


In the project's initial phase, we revitalized the admin panel and tackled issues in an existing system. Integrating an API and enhancing front-end requests boosted system performance.

The subsequent phase aimed to enrich the system with more capabilities. We crafted a versatile used car search aggregator that accommodates diverse inspection types and configurations. This empowers the client to tailor inspections precisely to their business needs.

Upon the client's approach, we addressed a malfunctioning app by proposing a new admin panel. Taking charge of its development, we scrutinized the existing system, refining the user interface, inspection management, and overall performance. Collaborating closely, we ensured the new system aligned perfectly with their expectations.

With meticulous attention, we redesigned the admin panel to harmonize with the used car aggregator's design and vital admin functionalities. This fusion of form and function encapsulates the essence of our tailored solution.

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