Task Management App Development

Complex manager app development that is outfitted with complex features and enabled to handle heavy workloads. Find out what it took for Celadon to deliver a product that meets all the requir
Task Management App Development

Project Overview

Duration6 months
  • Android, iOS, web app, cloud server, admin interface
Technology Stack Used


The complexity of the application was due to a large number of users and tasks. Every day, more than 2000-3000 tasks were created. This was also compounded by the massive number of reports generated in the application. The existing application could not handle this amount of traffic, hurting performance. So, the challenge was to develop a task manager app that could take the load without affecting the application's performance and speed.

Task management app development is meant to be a complex system with numerous interconnections. We were tasked to build a task management app with features such as:

  • Multiple user roles;
  • History of all completed actions;
  • Media uploading;
  • Maps and points on maps;
  • Access permissions;
  • Task management in real-time;
  • Task timer.

In addition to the above functions, it was necessary to develop an algorithm for providing analytics and reporting on these actions.

The timer function has also become a challenge for us. When creating a task, a particular duration was set for it. As soon as it expired, the status of the task would change under certain conditions. Task status was displayed in reports, the map, the dashboard, and the task info.


In addition to weak performance, roles and permissions did not work as intended. Complications in their work were caused by functionality differences in the mobile app and PWA. The differences were minor but caused conflicts due to many custom roles and terms. Our developers reconfigured relationships and accesses in light of these differences and conflicts.

We also worked on in-app functionality that allows us to transfer a task from one community to another. However, there was one tricky detail - it was necessary to save the whole history of all actions in the task, mark the entire route of the task, and save it in the previous community, but transfer it to the next one without changing the IDs. Unfortunately, this algorithm led to many conflicts, so we had to compile the backend.

Concerning the timer feature, Since the feature implementation was directly related to the transfer feature, we had to think about the cases when the status was to be reset and start a new count and when the status was to be saved and continued. Therefore, this code was written separately for both the Front-end and Back-end.

We had to sweat it out to achieve our goal. Here's what it took for the team to complete task manager mobile app development.

What the Developers Did

  • Developed a plan to stepwise optimize the existing code;
  • Implemented pagination;
  • Rearranged and cleaned up all the queries;
  • set up autologous;
  • Split PWA parts and analytics on different servers to reduce the workload.

Designer's Part

Designers also paid attention to the UI/UX: our designers reworked and updated the interface based on the above. More about design will be covered a little later.

QA Tests

The testers had a task to check the critical path after each update and track at what stages there were problems and what caused them according to the checklist of regular QA of post-update production.

Currently, the Celadon team continues to project and task management app development. We're working on improvements and the implementation of additional functionality. In the near future, mobile app development is planned to cover UI updates and integration with the payment system.

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