Single Vendor Marketplace Development

Celadon had the chance to work on a gold-based e-commerce project aimed at increasing people’s wealth. Find out what it took for the team to build e-commerce store software.
Single Vendor Marketplace Development

Project Overview

Duration4 months
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Project management
  • QA
Technology Stack Used


The client of this project is a gold trading company, which through technology offers a variety of solutions to strengthen the economy at all levels. The customer reached out by asking us for the single-vendor marketplace development. Sounds like a common task for a company that deals with professional mobile app development. But there is one "but" - The main task was to create a mobile application in the shortest possible time, as the customer wanted to tender this app. Not every company would agree to work under very tight deadlines. As we had had the background expertise on how to build a multi-vendor marketplace earlier, we took a risk and made it.

They already had a website with the same functionality, which they needed to develop an e-commerce store app to be run on mobile devices. The challenges were the following:

We weren’t the only team working on the project. The client had its own backend developer to build e-commerce store software. Also, our team encountered difficulties in interacting with the contractor on the client side. We used to contact them when we had questions, create endpoints, and provide APIs. The developer was slow and reluctant to communicate, which slowed down our work, respectively.
The project required several API integrations to create a single-vendor marketplace. The API payment gateway was quite a challenge that was taken off our shoulders by the customer’s developers.


The client had a fully developed product idea. The aim of the single-vendor e-commerce app development is to create a friendly platform designed to combat economic uncertainty in countries hit hard by economic crises through the purchase of pure gold coins, thereby enabling users to protect and increase their wealth. The system comprises a React Native app for mobile and Android, a Web interface for system management and system backend, and is integrated with a payment gateway and POS system. We used the Django framework for the web interface in which the system administrator can add new venues to the system, manage venue details, view client info and orders, send promo messages, and view analytics. The usage of Django standard mechanisms helped us to save a lot of resources so we could better focus on the mobile user interface.

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