School Management Software

School management software is a comprehensive solution for digitalizing school management.
School Management Software

Project Overview

Duration6 months
  • Cloud server, Web application
Technology Stack Used


School management software is a comprehensive solution for digitalizing school management, providing full control of the educational process, including all the roles involved. The software includes such functionality as curriculum board, lesson schedule, logbook, and so on.

Our customer reached us with a very common problem. To operate the educational process, they have to use different managing systems for reporting, scheduling, and working with the logbooks and class registers. Moreover, the systems were completely outdated, and the management workflow varied greatly. The problem got worse during the pandemic when there was a need for remote work.

So the major request was to combine all the systems into one modern, multifunctional, and easy-to-use service capable of managing a huge load of workflow.


After careful research, we’ve realized that there was no overall decision in the market, so it would correspond in full to all the requirements. So we can say without hesitation that we’ve made a unique system, a comprehensive solution, having the features of different software in one place.

We have worked on the project from the very beginning to the end, including such stages of the bespoke web app development lifecycle as initial research, design, and so on. As a result, we have provided the customer with the software with unique features, Automatic scheduling, Electronic school journal, Exams management. We will have a closer look at each of the main features further.

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