Prediction App Development

The event-focused app to predict results and reward users with bonuses for purchases.
Prediction App Development

Project Overview

IndustryFood and Beverages
Duration3 months
  • Mobile app, Android, iOS, Web app
Technology Stack Used


Celadon had the honor of participating in the development of a predictive app for a globally renowned fast-food restaurant chain as part of its marketing campaign tied to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

With the launch of the prediction app, the world-famous restaurant corporation's marketing campaign was able to captivate people. It enabled users of the primary restaurant mobile app to predict the outcomes of football matches, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition. A leaderboard systematically ranked users hinging on the precision of their predictions. Top participants were rewarded with prizes, which could be redeemed within the main app. The client took charge of supplying the app's design, requirements, and overarching concept.

The project presented several formidable challenges:

  • Handling Intense Server Traffic: The app's server had to efficiently manage a substantial influx of data, including match results with over 500,000 bets per match. Furthermore, it had to support more than 10,000 concurrent users, all at once examining their bet outcomes.
  • Integration of an Unstable Third-party API: Incorporating a third-party API for match result data proved to be a complex task due to the API's frequent changes in data types and formats, exacerbated by inadequate documentation.


To meet the immovable deadline imposed by a concurrent McDonald's marketing campaign, Celadon adopted a methodical approach. We divided the project into distinct sprints, formed teams consisting of experienced experts, thoughtfully chose suitable technologies, coordinated the execution and testing stages, and initiated development with no room for extending the deadline.

In order to adhere to the strict deadline, our team carried out the following actions:

  • Clear Requirement Clarification: We meticulously clarified the project's requirements to ensure a shared understanding.
  • Thorough Planning: We conducted meticulous planning of the implementation process, including iterative development.
  • Task List Creation: A clear and comprehensive task list was established to streamline workflow and enhance accountability.
  • Continuous Client Engagement: We upheld a consistent channel of communication with the client, promptly addressing any contentious matters that had the potential to influence the project's timeline.

Throughout the coding process, we addressed technical challenges with precision and sought compromise solutions when necessary, always keeping the client's needs and project scope at the forefront. Our team adeptly navigated these challenges while striking a balance between innovation and scope, ultimately elevating the app's quality.

  • Notable Features:
    Leader chart: Users accumulated points by making precise match predictions, and the highest achievers were prominently showcased on the Leader chart.
  • Groups: Users had the ability to form groups and extend invitations for others to participate.
  • Point Conversion: Points obtained within the app could be converted into coupons and incentives within the primary app, motivating sustained engagement.

In summary, this case study serves as a testament to Celadon's expertise in delivering mobile and web app development services under diverse conditions, showcasing our capability to meet and exceed client expectations. If you have a similar app development concept, please don't hesitate to contact us for guidance and support throughout the implementation process. We are eager to assist you in turning your vision into a reality.

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