Music Manager App Development

A landing and web app for musician’s analytical tool to help in promoting their works more efficiently thanks to valuable insights from the streaming services.
Music Manager App Development

Project Overview

Duration3 months
  • Web app, mobile adaptive, landing page, cloud server
Technology Stack Used


The project is unique and quite enjoyable. The analytic tool would allow artists or managers to receive and process information about tracks, auditions, copyrights, loyalties, etc., from various streaming platforms in one place. Thus the music manager app is supposed to become a helping hand for musicians and producers in getting more data-driven with promoting their works on streaming services. Hence, we’d like to share what it took for Celadon to make a music manager app powered by AI and data.

Our team's most significant challenge was getting to grips with the project's essence. We knew how to create a music streaming app; however, this task was a completely different story. The project is pretty narrowly tailored, and for the technical implementation, we needed to understand how this music manager was supposed to work from A to Z.


The team set the work going by researching to gain a complete understanding of the project we were going to work on. The research implied the niche survey, search, and analysis of the market, competitors, and music manager app ideas. Also, at this development stage, the team collected Design References and thought over the way for technical implementation.


  • User Validation system based on security tokens;
  • Analytics;
  • Payments via Tipalti payment gateway;
  • Charts, graphs, tables;
  • Calculator to estimate potential profits.
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