Mobile App for Tutors Portal

A system of mobile and web applications that helps simplify the search for tutors and students for joint training classes.
Mobile App for Tutors Portal

Project Overview

Duration3 months
  • Android, iOS, Client’s web interface


The client had an offline school business and was going to scale it. The goals for this project were to increase the number of students without notably expanding the staff of school employees, teachers, and administration. These measures should significantly increase each employee’s efficiency and productivity and, simultaneously, let the client reach a new eLearning market.

The client had previously attempted to create an online school using the Moodle LMS framework, and he wanted to use this framework as the basis of the system. So we had to integrate Moodle mechanisms and, at the same time, customize them to make the software modern, fast, and user-friendly.

We also successfully integrated the service for licensing training materials into the system. A flexible system of training courses and the possibility of scheduling online speaking sessions was created.


With great, interactive, and engaging study material, and technology that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, we’ve transformed the process of studying by making it pleasant.

It allows students to collaborate, watch learning videos, read articles and books, take adaptive assessments, etc. Each student has personalized the program. Teachers can plan lessons, and use them in the classrooms, which helps them to save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students and parents. Teachers can give students assignments, conduct classes, monitor students’ progress, and know how students respond to teaching. It also helps parents to keep updated with the progress of the growth of the child and communicate with teachers or even create groups with other parents.

The App improves the eLearning system in a safe and advanced way. The client's significant outcome demonstrating success is that it increases teachers’ efficiency and productivity and lets the client reach a new eLearning market.

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