Marketing Analytics Software Development

Creating a marketing data analytics platform for a multiplatform service to gather and examine data on outside advertising media.
Marketing Analytics Software Development

Project Overview

IndustrySales of outdoor advertising analytics
Duration2 years
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Project management
  • QA
Technology Stack Used
React Native


A Guatemalan firm that builds marketing analytics software is our customer. They approached Celadonsoft in an attempt to optimize and rebuild the outdated version of the website.

The customer previously had a brand-new marketing analytics software design with expanded capability encompassing all of the features available today, but it also had a lot of flaws. We also began by deciding to switch the project from the outdated and inflexible Angular to a more modern and adaptable React with MVP app development services after extensive deliberations and negotiations.

We encountered a few system issues after offering our web application development services.

The database was created many years ago, and many intricate relationships are built into it. Adding features and upgrading the interface beforehand meant that making these changes to the database was essential to prevent conflicts with the current database.

A lot of the graphs and diagrams were challenging to use and involved a lot of computations, comparisons, data, and tables.

The database structure was the biggest challenge in marketing data analytics platform development.

When advertising analytics platform development was in its early stages, many faulty data had to be fixed because there were insufficient linkages to prevent them from happening again.

Furthermore, picture compression proved challenging. Since the photographs loaded all at once when the list of billboards loaded and the processor and Internet loaded due to rendering, the photos were not compressed.


Advertising Analytics Platform Development Specifics


In the capacity of a verifier, a user is given a route to walk and gather data on all forms of advertising along the way. The path is plotted on the map as follows: points, or coordinates, are entered, and these points create a line.


Additionally, the verifier has the ability to assign a number to a high, low, or average person stream at a certain monument. It uses a unique formula to determine the approximate number of possible views of this advertising media at one moment. Both of those were excellent options for our services of marketing analytics software development.


Our goal was to provide a visually appealing and comprehensible representation of a wealth of statistical data. This is an excellent advertising analytics platform example, as all the data is shown in graphs and tables.

The global tasks were the complete interface overhaul and incremental patch deployment in the live product. To create marketing analytics software, the new layout contains unresolved features requiring backend code. Steps were taken, such as rewriting the site, separating the frontend and backend database servers, and deploying with a docker swarm.

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