Jewelry Marketplace

eCommerce b2c jewelry marketplace intended to make the buying-selling process as easy as it's possible.
Jewelry Marketplace

Project Overview

Duration6 months
  • Backend
  • Frontend development
  • Product design
  • Research
  • Project management
  • QA
  • Consulting
Technology Stack Used


Our first challenge was designing a perfect, interactive interface that could support all the above features. However, the features have to be supported without compromising the app’s performance.

You could argue things were easier for us because there was a previous version of the app. Well, we wish it would be like that. We made an important decision to stay far away from that initial version and opted to completely revamp the app because of one simple reason: It Wasn’t Good Enough!

The previous designs were amateurish. And the customer wanted designs that were user-centric and hip yet regal.


Our task was to develop an application that would satisfy not only the customer but also buyers and vendors. Therefore, in the process of app creation, we took into account three sides of the issue. As a result, we got not just a user-friendly marketplace but also a tool with a cool admin panel for a customer having advanced functionality. There’s also a large set of all kinds of reports on the efficiency of the resource (profit, revenue, amount of orders, conversion rates, page views). There are vendors' personal accounts with advanced analytics in the web versions of the app as well.

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