Hospital App Development

Hospital management software development for better doctors — patient interaction.
Hospital App Development

Project Overview

Duration3 months
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Product design
  • QA
  • Project management
Technology Stack Used
React Native


A German customer has contracted our services for custom medical app development. Initially, the plan was to try running such an application in one of the hospitals in Germany. If the application fits into the flow and improves the clinical experience, then this medical software development is intended to be rolled out to other hospitals in the country.

We faced the complexity of the hospital mobile app design. With the admin panel, to be more exact. Due to the client's busy schedule, we were not always able to call him to coordinate many points regarding mobile healthcare software development. We had to think through the behavior of the admin panel by ourselves.


We continue to render the services for outsourcing medical software development, but we used all of our best practices and classic steps required to create a medical assistant app.

Thanks to creative thinking, teamwork, extensive development experience, and personal experience in the field of healthcare services, we found solutions that would be useful for hospitals.

As for the code, the application was not super complex for our developers to create a patient daily care planner app, so classic development approaches were used. Everything was done in time. The customer was happy with the result as the main part of patient care app development was over.

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