Global Restaurant Brand App Development

Our global restaurant fast food app development journey for a world-renowned franchise. Here, we list all of the features that we used in this case.
Global Restaurant Brand App Development

Project Overview

IndustryMobile App
Duration2 years
  • Mobile app development
Technology Stack Used
React Native


The customer approached us to design an app for a worldwide restaurant brand for the Central American region: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. The customer already has an app with limited capabilities. Our objective was to create a new loyalty program area integrated with the offer system, provide UI/UX development services in accordance with the company's brand guidelines, and improve the existing application.

Development journey

In order to turn app development for a global fast-food brand into reality, we first examined the current application. Since it already has a heritage backend, our new major component should work with the existing version and be adaptable to additional integrations down the road. In order to solve this issue, we choose to develop a brand-new portion as a micro-service. Our ability to evaluate every potential option risk-free was made feasible by MVP development services.

Users may configure unique offers, often known as deals, and the system shows them what's available right now. With the use of POS system integration, deals are activated at the order counter or checkout desk via a QR or numeric code.

Ecosystem between two versions

Our primary objective was to establish a unified account system across all versions of global fast food brand app creation. To enhance user experience, we developed an integrated account ecosystem. According to the mobile app development services, this ecosystem allows users from 4 countries to conveniently place orders, access personalized offers, track deliveries, and maintain order history, notifications, and reward points across all devices. This approach enables users to have a single account that consolidates their points progress, payment methods, and delivery addresses, eliminating the need for repeated data entry. Additionally, users can personalize their accounts by selecting from a range of pre-designed avatars.


Features we implemented

Two-factor authentication (F2A): When building apps for a global restaurant brand, we included F2A prior to payment in order to increase payment security and delivery control. It was one of our key moments during the online ordering app development.

Ordering system: The worldwide restaurant brand app development entails setting up an ordering system for patrons wishing to place takeout and dining orders. The integrated shopping cart and the deal system will assist customers in selecting the ideal location for any budget.

Payment card information: We added the "Add payment card" feature to the My Account area to enhance the payment card info display for the app development for a global restaurant brand.

Support: We established a call center connection to address any issues that customers may have during delivery, whether at home or in a restaurant. The experts will assist the clients in completing the order, locating the ordered delivery's present position, or resolving any potential operational issues. The call center will answer calls around the clock.

Technical implementation

In order to make it manageable for the user, we had to consider how convenient it would be to use special offers. We decided to utilize the QR system, much like many other teams working on global restaurant brand app design worldwide. There are no issues with interpersonal interactions while using it at restaurants because it is simple to use: simply scan the special QR code that the system generates.

Each offer includes a unique number and a QR code for online ordering. The user can apply the bargain by clicking the button on the offer list or entering the deal number code in the shopping cart, facilitating the user's use of the system's online version.

During the delivery order, our team worked on web app development services for several purposes while simultaneously working on the mobile version. Customers may utilize the same account to maintain their history of interactions with the restaurant on both the web and mobile versions of the global restaurant brand app development.

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