Fleet Management System Development

Celadon showcasing fleet management system development designed for remote management of workers, vehicles, and routing optimization.
Fleet Management System Development

Project Overview

Duration5 months
  • Android, iOS, System management, web app
Technology Stack Used


Our team was lucky enough to work on fleet management software development, which definitely boosted our expertise. The system was aimed at remote management of workers, vehicles, and routing optimization.

This fleet management system development was one of the most powerful undertakings we had the luck to perform. Yet, it was our most prominent challenge at that time. We weren’t tasked to build the project from scratch. Instead, we took it over and were supposed to improve the legacy code by making the fleet management GPS tracking system work as planned.

The team got down to work with a profound code review and contemporary work. We arrived at the understanding that the picked development strategy had problematic architecture. Also, its quality could have been better to get a smoothly running iOS, Android, and web-based fleet management system.


Legacy code refactoring and enhancing the fleet management system design were the first steps taken to deliver fleet management software. We chose this course of action because we knew that flaws and errors in the UX/UI and errors in the software architecture could lead to a catastrophic situation. We quickly succeeded in putting in place a stand-in architectural approach. Also, we reemployed much of the existing backend code. Yet, the bulk of the front-end had to be redone due to the flawed UX technique taken early in the web development phase.

After a few weeks, we had a clearer idea of the project’s stage. The MVP development overview made it clear to us that we could start developing the new functionality:

  • GPS;
  • Orders;
  • Interactive cross-platform map;
  • Navigation;
  • Sophisticated web interface;
  • Flexible permission-based role managing systems.

The interactive cross-platform map with navigation, information overlay, and distinctive modes for various roles is worthy of being singled out for particular mention.

With our expertise in business intelligence and machine learning, we incorporated the proper procedure for piling and storing operational data for subsequent analysis and system automation.

The client succeeded in reducing their operating costs by as much as 30% due to our continuous synergy. Meanwhile, the customer has piled up valuable data, which our team has already begun to utilize to build ML models to drive feature automation and make improvements to their fleet management tracking software.

The solution described for GPS-based fleet management system may be operated in other fields:

  • Grocery supply enterprises;
  • On demand-delivery;
  • Remote workers tracking;
  • Field operation management.

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