Board Game App Development Based on Greek Mythology

A mobile game based on ancient Greek mythology board game with fascinating graphics and an ultimate feature set.
Board Game App Development Based on Greek Mythology

Project Overview

IndustryMobile Game
Duration3 months
  • Backend development
  • Front end development
  • Product design
  • Research
  • Project management
  • QA
  • Consulting
Technology Stack Used


Our Client from the UK is a fan of board games. He came up with the idea of his own board game development, but wanted it to be something extraordinary. So, he arrived at the brilliant idea to make a video game app based on his board game.

Once the physical board game prototype was completed, the client reached out to Celadon to request video game development and programming. We found the idea to be more than fascinating. Besides, we love the video game development process, so we were definitely into it.


Through all stages of video game development, we stayed in close communication with the client. At the end of each sprint, we demonstrated ‘build’ to make sure the game was what the client expected. It helped us to implement everything in such a way that is identical to the client’s vision. We also pooled our knowledge, experience, and skills to find the best solution to implement the logic and mechanics of the game. As a result, each monster has its own logic, and the complex interaction between the roles has been implemented in the game.

Greek Mythology mobile game development was finalized at the alpha version release stage. The game fully corresponds to the client’s expectations. Now the game is placed on Kickstarter in order to raise funding to continue development.

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