Automotive Software Development

Custom car automotive service software to join car repair shops and car owners together.
Automotive Software Development

Project Overview

Duration6 months
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Product design
  • Research
  • Project management
  • QA
  • Consulting
Technology Stack Used
Digital Ocean


Considering our experience in developing interactive mobile and web applications, our client reached out to our team to order the development of the car services marketplace. During IT consulting services session, the client shared the idea of applying technology in the vehicle industry: the UAE-based car repair shops would be connected with car owners. By doing this, he wanted to ease the search for car repair and help shop owners to attract new customers.

No doubt, car owners would prefer to choose a suitable automobile service from a marketplace app. So, We were excited to work on this very new concept of an automobile service marketplace.

Initially, the project envisioned a web application to be developed from scratch. Also, Celadon was to develop the car service app design and integrate libraries. We get the marketplace app development going with MVP development. But when the MVP was launched, it became clear that 80% of the traffic was coming from mobile devices. The client decided to develop a mobile version of the automotive management software in form.


We spent hours researching similar websites and applications and eventually had several car services marketing ideas in our pocket. We offered the automobile services marketplace development option to select the best-suited one. The client chose what they wanted and was happy with the marketplace of car services they got as a result.

When reaching out to us, the client had a business idea for Innovative Automobile Service Marketplace and developed wireframes.

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