App Statistics Tool Development

An app statistics platform focused on regional data, empowering data-driven promotion, and optimizing app store performance.
App Statistics Tool Development

Project Overview

Duration6 months
  • Web app development
Technology Stack Used


Celadon, a trusted partner for our Dutch clients, was chosen to develop a region-centered app statistics platform. This platform offers essential insights and monitoring capabilities for optimizing app store performance and enhancing customer support.

Users can efficiently gather and manage their app and game data resulting in increased conversion rates, improved app store rankings, and heightened app user loyalty. Additionally, the platform doubles as a robust app competitor analysis tool enabling users to identify weaknesses and outperform the competition.

Developing the app statistics platform was a challenging endeavor, particularly with the task of building a reliable parser to overcome website security measures. Navigating around website security measures intended to put a stop to parsers obtaining the needed content was a substantial challenge.


Upon evaluating the legacy code supplied by the client, we discovered it was lagging behind in quality. So, our engineers embarked on coding the backend from scratch and introducing various enhancements to the front-end.

Leveraging the expertise of our seasoned developers and conducting comprehensive research throughout the project, the celadon team achieved a remarkable feat in designing and implementing an advanced data parsing mechanism.

Through the utilization of cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence in web app development, celadon crafted an app store statistics platform that far surpassed our client's expectations. The successful launch of the MVP version now provides users with a powerful tool to comprehend their in-app preferences and behavior, enabling them to decide on the best course of action to advance their company.

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