Jan 7, 2020
by Alexei Falco

Why Partner With Belarus to Outsource Your Projects

Outsourcing software development is gaining traction. Eastern Europe is one of the best options to outsource your projects to.

According to the market overview made by SourceSeek, the Republic of Belarus has a lot to offer, when it comes to hiring an offshore development team in the Eastern Europe area. So, what is so special about Belarusian software development services?


From the Soviet Union times, Belarus has been famed for its robust engineering education system. What is more, the overall education index was 0.8 or even 1.

Software engineers from Belarus address challenges quickly. They excel in Mathematics and have outstanding analytical skills. That’s what does differ the Eastern Europe including Belarus from other countries in the world. The thing is, there has always been a high bar for the quality of engineering education at all Belarusian educational institutions. Another thing of paramount importance is the English language. The Belarusian software engineers have a strong command of English. To make sure every employee can communicate easily and efficiently with customers, a lot of IT companies provide their staff with onsite English classes.

Powerful IT System

The Belarusian IT system is evolving steadily. Thanks to it, there’s a strong and engaged IT community in the country. The overview stated three main important things about a great Information Technology system.

IT companies collaborate with universities

Belarusian IT companies contribute to universities and colleges on a regular basis. They arrange a great number of internships to help gifted students to start a career and get working experience. Moreover, there are lots of career fairs organized by universities regularly. It’s a great opportunity for students to evaluate what the labor market offers and also get acquainted with the best software companies. They can even find a job there.

Belarus is a hub of IT events

In the pursuit of perfection, software engineers regularly organize various events from meetups, hackathons to conferences. There they can share their knowledge, network and get to know the cutting edge trends. And it’s no news that slowly but surely the Belarusian conferences are turning into global events capturing the attention of both locals and foreigners.

Perfect place for startups

VCs and startups are nothing new for Belarus. Encouraged by the government, startups from Belarus are gaining more popularity worldwide. The good thing is that they can receive some local funding, not only foreign direct investment.

Thanks to the strong IT community, there’s a wealth of different educational IT training, workshops arranged by the biggest software companies in the country. There are even certification courses held regularly. Thanks to the diversity of workshops and training, the Belarusian software engineers always improve their skills and can make brilliant specialists in the field they work in. And it’s safe to say that local IT giants, i.e Wargaming, are contributing to the community by helping IT specialists to enhance their expertise.

Experience and outstanding services

Belarus is famed for the high quality of IT services it delivers. According to the report, an average Belarusian software engineer has 10 years of experience. That results in Belarus scoring the third among countries with most accomplished employees. Not to mention the strong qualifications. The IT industry here is famous for harnessing cutting edge technologies that are necessary for the modern IT world. Some countries don’t have any expertise in JS or Python that is used during ML projects when the Belarusian software engineers do. Having various skills, experience and passion, they collaborate with foreign customers in fin-tech and Medtech projects. Using the latest technologies, software engineers from Belarus speed up the tech industry with breakthrough innovations.

Culture and attitude to work

It’s necessary to have software engineers that are thrilled about work, have an eye for detail, and willing to develop some groundbreaking solutions.

You can find it in Belarus. According to the study, the Belarusian software engineers offer a robust mixture of quality, trustworthiness, and consistency. And that’s what every customer is looking for. The number of companies realized the significance of soft skills for software engineers keeps on growing. And that’s all the more reason why Eastern Europe has conquered the market. Software engineers from Europe are energetic and eager to meet challenges.

Favorable rates

When it comes to hiring, affordable rates are the determining factor for most customers. Comparing Eastern Europe to Asia, the Eastern European rates will be higher - $30/40 an hour. Though, the rate will depend on the working experience of software engineers and the quality of the service they deliver. But still, it’s significantly lower than the American or European rates. So, hiring an offshore company from Eastern Europe is beneficial.

To sum up

The Belarusian software development industry is evolving. It offers software engineers that have broad experience, are ready to over-deliver in terms of your projects. Taking into account the favorable rates and location, the Belarusian IT industry deserves consideration.

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