May 6, 2018
by Irina Linnik

Custom Software for Big Data Management: when it’s needed?

Data is the King today and everything revolves around it. Companies are making use of every inch of data to learn more about customer behavior, better use of the product, forecast future actions and plan revenue and spending.

To put it in simple words, all company processes are based on certain data and its analysis and thus it is crucial that data processing and analysis go as smooth as possible.

Now imagine a giant company and the amount of data it deals with. Such data sets are called Big Data and require special solutions to manage it.

As well, Big Data has certain issues that many companies are struggling to solve. Let’s have a look at them and at the possible solutions.

What’s the deal with Big Data

Big Data is awesome because it drives the processes. At the same time, such amount of information causes certain inconveniences.

First of all, there is a question of data management.

Who is responsible, how does the management process go, who has access to what? All these questions may become a real headache if the management process is not organized properly.

Add to this such human factors like level of trust between the users, human error factor and etc. Sounds a bit tangled, doesn’t it?

Secondly, there is an issue with data storage.

There are different databases: marketing, accountable, customer service. And if one database stores the information differently from the other (naming the address as “avenue” in one database and “street” in another) this may lead to: losing the track of records, double mailing or billing, etc.

Finally, the data volume and complexity can also be incredibly hard to manage. This also relates to the issue of staffing: the lack of adequately trained employees is a rather frequent problem for huge enterprises.

Let us counterbalance those issues with all the benefits Big Data brings before moving forward:

· Increased revenue and saving costs

· Improvement of client services

· Improved marketing

Big Data analysis enables the companies to learn in detail about their strong and weak points and to structure an efficient strategy that would draw customers and allow the company to sell more.

So, in order to benefit from it, the company has to have an efficient management tool that would work on the company’s benefit and not the opposite.

Big Data management solutions: what to choose

Since Big Data management tools are in high demand, no wonder there are many available and ready solutions out there: SPSS, Data Hero, Saleforce, Forgeforce, MongoDB and etc. Even Google Spreadsheets are used as such tool.

While all of them have their benefits and millions of people who use them on daily basis, these solutions may also not be the best ones for your individual company.

When you choose a ready-to-go solution, you may also need to integrate a lot of software, expand your administrators team with a couple of new people, train your employees and pay subscription fees, of course.

All that may cost you quite a lot.

Custom software: a lot of pros and minimum headache

As an alternative to ready solutions, you may require a developers team to build a custom solution for you. This option has numerous benefits.

Firstly, it would be built for you and your needs specifically without having any excess features.

Secondly, you will be the one to decide on levels of access and rights for every user in order to minimize confusion and ensure smooth work process.

Finally, since everything will be stored on your server, you won’t lose anything and can be sure about regular automatic back-ups.

In addition, you can also decide how you want your data to be displayed (graphs, images) and will receive statistics and reports on the regular basis.

If you are facing any issues with managing your current software solutions or simply lack them, you can consult a trustworthy software company that has relevant experience. It may happen that in the end you will save quite a lot of money.

Since Dubai and UAE overall are one of the most fast-growing tech hubs in the world, it is especially important for this region to pay attention to Big Data and its management.

As well Dubai hosts great number of software development companies that would be happy to share their skills and knowledge with you.

So think carefully, do some consulting and choose the option to solve your data management issues or improve your experience with it.

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