Jul 29, 2017
by Irina Linnik

Cheap, fast and high quality: is it a myth or reality?

Expectations and reality do not often match, especially when we talk about client expectations and realities of delivery. This diagram above is a perfect representation of how client requirements overlap with possible outcomes.

From it we can see that great work done for free is some sort of a dream and great, free, fast and cheap work is simply an utopia. Fast and cheap would suffer in quality and free and fast would lead to trashy results.

It seems really complicated for both clients and service providers. These are the stereotypical judgements about the process of work and for the most occasions, they tend to be right. But let’s speak about IT industry and software development services.

At a first glance

If you want to develop, for example, a website you will have more than 100 companies after only one click on the relevant web page. You will see companies that offer incredibly low rates and you will see well-known giants with proven reputation whose rates are very high. And it seems that if you choose the company with low rates and relative experience, it would be a win-win but no, it’s a catch. Let us go deeper and see how things really are.

Do your Maths

If you are looking for a software development company and want to compare the rates and estimate final work, you will have to do a bit of calculations to get things right.

Say, we have this really cheap company that claims it does anything related to software development and they rate only 15$ per hour. They promise to deliver the project within 3 weeks and with two developers.

Another company, also describing itself as a software development company without any specifications, would charge you 35$ per hour and will spend one month with three developers working on your project.

Finally we have a company that says it specializes in website development. It charges you 50$ per hour and will deliver results within two weeks with two developers only.

Now let’s calculate. First company will result in 3600$, second in 16800$ and third in 8000$. It seems as if the first company would be your choice but it’s not that simple.

You would want to choose company #3 as it specializes in website development and thus has rich experience in that. The company already knows the whole process step by step and applies best tools, thus, it provides you with quality and can be done really fast. It’s not that cheap compared to company #1 but results would be much better due to its portfolio and expertise.

What does it have to do with us?

When you are choosing a software development company for your project, check out its portfolio and contact the company to discuss your future work in person. Make sure its portfolio matches your project – otherwise, you may not receive the expected results. There can also be two companies doing the same thing (specializing in certain services) but one of them just seems to be a bit closer to your vision. In this case, choose the one that feels right – but don’t forget to compare them thoroughly and estimate pricing, duration of work and any extra costs or conditions.

At Celadon we have vast experience with all services that we offer. We are not trying to do everything at the same time. Instead, we focus on certain things and thus we make sure we always deliver excellent results.

We invite you to have a look at our portfolio and in case you have any questions left, please contact us and we will gladly answer any of them.

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