Feb 3, 2023
by Alexei Falco

Benefits of Enterprise Application Integration for Your Business

Technology is creeping more thoroughly into businesses. According to Statista, the amount spent on enterprise software in 2022 is 675 billion U.S. dollars worldwide.

The amount of enterprise software is also immense. They come in many forms and are designed to meet specific business needs—for example, CRM, ERP, and HCM.

However, although it brings advantages in solving particular problems, the introduction of several applications also brings drawbacks. Modern technology has made it possible to link all applications into one system in a world with a desire to simplify. This solution is called enterprise application integration.

This article answers the question "what is enterprise application integration" and highlights the merits of its adoption.

What is Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)?

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) refers to a system designed and implemented specifically for a particular business to solve business problems by facilitating the workflow by joining together the multiple application employed in the business operation. The EAI serves as a bridge between different departments, making them operate as a whole.

Also, an enterprise application system knits third-party applications, CRMs, Internet Portals, e-Commerce, business intelligence, legacy systems, and financial systems. It helps to transfer the data both internally and externally in a convenient and risk-free manner.

Consequently, the workflow gets more efficient since interconnected processes within different types of enterprise application software and data exchange allow you to coordinate various functions across all applications in a single user interface.

The use of enterprise application integration systems is comprehensive and includes but is not limited to healthcare, retail chains, manufacturers, government, and education institutions. This widespread use of integration is due to nothing less than the benefits it provides to the enterprise.

Benefits of Enterprise Application Integration

The EAI features come with a lot of power for businesses and contribute to enhancing productivity, enlarging business, and bringing in new customers. Let's take a look at what else EAI has to offer companies.

Optimized Workflows

As the business grows, some processes have to be optimized. Enterprise application integration is a wild card because it strengthens communication between all departments, enables real-time data exchange, automates processes, and keeps the focus on core business areas.

New Opportunities

By adopting enterprise application integration methods, decision-makers can discover and respond to new opportunities as they work through the system.

Implementing new capabilities provides a competitive advantage.

Lower Time-Consumption

EAI delivers several options to save time on tasks and increase productivity.

Real-time filing and editing, momentary access to information, automation, and more saves a lot of effort and help you complete time-consuming tasks in a shorter amount of time. Thus, the time saved can be allocated to other tasks.

Routine Automation

One of the benefits of enterprise application integration is the automation of routine and repetitive manual processes. The benefits of automation are obvious:

  • Enables you to focus on other essential tasks;
  • Eliminates human error;
  • Does not require re-checking.

Simplified IT Infrastructure

The enterprise application integration also offers enterprise system convenience. It is vital for large enterprises where IT infrastructure is difficult to manage due to the scale. But if a company decides to integrate enterprise applications, employees can access data wherever and whenever they need it.

In addition, a simplified IT infrastructure makes it easier to deliver technology to customers. And because the modern person strives for simplicity, streamlined IT processes will give a competitive advantage and help increase the number of customers and other benefits that come with it.

Facilitated Data Exchange

Since enterprise system integration implies data from various departments being kept in one system. Thus, access to it is greatly simplified too.

Also, it allows employees to access the needed data in real time without waiting for someone to grant access or transfer the data from one application to another.

Boosted Efficiency

The benefits listed above all converge to one thing - the integration of enterprise applications improves business efficiency. Now that routine processes are automated, IT infrastructure is simplified, data can be accessed in real-time, etc. Employees and management can focus on profit-generating activities. The integration provides a seamless environment where various projects can be discussed, and the necessary data exchanged more efficiently.

Professional Enterprise Application Integration by a Trusted Partner

Business needs are subject to change, and technology can address those changes efficiently and quickly. If your business struggles to link different applications and systems to work more efficiently and cohesively, enterprise application integration services are the right fit.

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