May 8, 2020
by Alexei Falco

App Marketing Strategies That Will Surely Work

Former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt noted, ‘Mobile use is growing faster than all of Google’s internal predictions.’

Mobile app development has fairly obtained a prominent position in the tech-driven world, bringing noticeable profit to its investors. Nowadays with more businesses attempting to execute their app ideas, developers and designers are in high demand more than ever. However, more work needs to be done than it seems. Product marketing and targeting are essential steps, following the creation of the app itself. Marketing strategies help escalate revenues of the app experts as well as designing and developing the product. Applications need to meet people’s demands to boost their commitment to businesses. Among an existing variety of marketing tactics, the most effective will be finding the target audience, while neglecting the white-noise and media traffic. A proper marketing plan intends to generate revenue, provide branding opportunities, boost consumer engagement, and more.

Here are some of the most effective marketing strategies to kick start:

1. Work With Your Target Audience

Any app is designed to meet the needs and requirements of a certain audience. So you should build your marketing strategy around the needs of a specific group of people. First of all, you need to spend some time exploring the target audience and write down a list of all key features. You can use psychographic characteristics, as well as geographic ones. This will help to get the right picture of their interests and narrow it down to the most effective media channels. Pick out the platforms where your target audience is most active and promote the app there.

If the target audience is properly identified, you should be ready to go.

Keep in mind a set of important factors, including lifestyle, spending habits and age, and recreational activities. One of the common mistakes is to assume that the app you are developing is a great fit for everyone. Make no mistake, an app intended for young people won’t be found equally appealing by the adults.

2. Don’t Forget App Store Page Optimization

If you don’t optimize your App Store page, it won’t come up on the search results. It means you won’t get any bit of organic traffic from the search. So before launching a marketing campaign make sure the App Store page is optimized according to the current SEO tactics.

Properly made optimization can become a gamechanger when it comes to downloading. The key factor here is to create more possibilities for the target audience to find the app. It leads, in turn, to better engagements and boosts revenue. Statistically, if the app is optimized for all store searches it makes as much as twice more income in the future.

3. Advertise Your App Before the Launch

Start advertising your mobile app before it’s published in stores. This strategy will make your future customers familiar with your product. And when the time comes, it will make a stir.

What is more, your customers’ feedback lets you significantly improve the app. Advertise your app everywhere to increase awareness. Get people to talk about it. Digital tricks can be helpful, but communication is still a powerful marketing tool. Buzz will create interest around your app in no time.

4. Draw Attention to Your App by Making the Website Traffic Work for You

Use your company website to advertise the app. Put the blog traffic to work and keep your readers informed about all upcoming product improvements and updates. This strategy will help you promote the mobile app and spread the news through the grapevine.

In addition, mentioning the app on your company blog will improve your SEO results and get the app page more noticeable on search engine results.

And last, but not the least: announce the launch or any other app-related details on your website via banners.

5. Make Sure Your Media Kits are Ready

Get the most out of each media channel!

Gain maximum benefits from all media platforms that you could use to market your app. Create media kits that contain every piece of crucial information and share them with all partners that can help you promote your product. The detailed explanation of how the app works and why the audience might need it will allow media channels to play their part.

6. What Can Social Media Give You?

Social media are a vital part of your app marketing. Businesses, developers and, what’s more important, your future users are online right now, probably scrolling down their news feed in social media. Instagram, Facebook or Twitter - they all are is just another platform to reach the audience.

Obviously, SM is not an informative source, such as, for example, a blog article. But among others, it gives you an easier way to gain control in the process of targeting your audience.

The crucial thing in SMM is trust. And one of the best ways to gain it is by having a post from an influencer about your app. This is the easiest and fastest path to get to the wide audience you need.

7. Get your User Reviews

User reviews essentially increase the apps’ success.

Go over the reviews on the Google Play or App Store, pay attention to every issue and write proper responses. The rating of the app has a direct effect on the number of downloads, cause most users to check the app’s rating before installation. Also, the higher the rating, the closer to the top search you appear.

Reviews, both positive and negative, help to improve customer service, discover and correct bugs. Excellent tech support and customer service will make the app more popular among users. Your communications with users will leave a positive impression as they know that the company appreciates and pays attention to all opinions.

You can build a trustworthy reputation, as third-party feedback gains more trust among users hesitating to download your app. As many believe, companies tend to say only good things about themselves, while user reviews are simply more objective.

8. Make use of content marketing

Make use of relevant blogs and other content marketing platforms besides your main company blog.

Content marketing is sure to guarantee results, and submitting guest posts is an essential aspect of it. It will help to reach out to your main audience and also get a good grip on those interested in your competitors’ product.

Submitting app reviews on different websites right after the launch will be another good strategy to reveal strong points and major product advantages to your target audience. App reviews are a way to highlight the original features and shed light on the distinguishing characteristics.

Posting videos on YouTube is also a good approach to mobile app marketing.

Create How-to videos to draw users by telling them in simple words how the application works, the best way to use its features, and more. Knowing how to use the app proves to be more efficient and significantly increases the number of downloads rather than just merely highlighting the features.

Keep in mind that a lot of your potential users do a solid amount of research before even considering to test your app. And app reviews are the best way to get all the insights you need before clicking the download button.

9. Competitors as the Best Friends Forever

Knowing your market is not only about finding and communicating with your target audience. It is critical to understand what your opponents were up to all this time.

Only a thorough analysis of your rivals' experience will give you powerful knowledge and competitive advantages before you even make the first step.

It will help you avoid implementing wrong tactics and give plenty of useful insights. There is no point in repeating your opponent's mistakes when you have a chance to do much better.

Beyond that, nothing is worse than to be considered as an imitation. And the only way to escape this bad scenario is finding out what is already a cliché.

10. KPIs as a Matter of Control

Once all the aforementioned advice is taken into consideration, it’s very important to establish the KPIs or key performance indicators.

While the marketing plan is being executed, you cannot consider the job done.

The next primary task is to evaluate users’ reactions towards the app. If customers send you questions and requests, you should definitely take your time to respond to all inquiries. Stay in contact with your users at all times.

Analyze how the app is performing. Your main concern should be around marketing tactics and their results. The most effective are ones that generate the biggest amount of leads.

Do not give up those strategies that are less productive. Instead, keep improving. Make changes and look at your customers’ feedback in the end.

Marketing May Be a Solution!

Marketing is an important skill that requires a lot of planning. Explore the abundance of channels and platforms, don’t get stuck on only one of them. Make your own research and explore the most effective ways to market your app. Our team will help you succeed in the mobile apps market. We work with leading app developers from top industries and constantly analyze market trends to explore new profitable niches. Quality is our main goal.

Be smart when you manage promotional campaigns, place ads before releasing the app, gather feedback for further improvements of your product. Get maximum results from newsletters and collaborations with the industry leaders. Only your efforts, reasonable ambitions, and intelligent marketing strategies can help you achieve success.

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