Jan 9, 2020
by Alexei Falco

The Four Directions of Digital Transformation to Follow

Most modern entrepreneurs are well aware of digital transformation. One way or another, there is no universal definition of this concept, since it is quite diverse and complex. In other words, every entrepreneur understands it differently, even though this process is prevalent in the area of business.

It is necessary to understand clearly the features of the use and regulation of this tool to professionally use it in corporate interests. Our in-depth discussion of digital transformation trends and key points will help you to obtain the knowledge necessary for strategic planning.

Modern digital transformation: everyone should know it!

A clear definition and understanding of digital transformation is the first step towards understanding it. According to the authoritative CIO, the company's approach to major changes in the process of interaction with customers and the targeted audience is the digital transformation.

However, this is not how Forbes views it. According to their view, digital transformation is a reform with possible financial investments aimed at improving the company's technological tools and development strategy, thus attracting digital customers by optimizing all stages of interaction with them.

Therefore, the introduction of modern technologies that improve and optimize customer experience is the simplest and most universal definition of digital transformation. Harvard Business Review identifies four key areas for digital transformation that can be applied by any company.


One cannot underestimate the significance of mobile in both everyday lives and business operations. Today, a mobile phone in human life is an indispensable tool.

Users rely on mobile more than ever, using this device, we can quickly contact our relatives and work colleagues at any time to find out the information we are interested in.

So it’s up to the companies to understand the full potential of mobile and how it can impact further business growth.

One of the things to keep in mind. Companies must understand that the advantage of a mobile phone is the ability to negotiate, reach an agreement anytime, anywhere. It also ensures faster and better audience reach, allowing companies to communicate with their customers 24/7

First, companies need to evaluate whether they need to provide mobile devices to employees. Will this increase overall productivity?

Second, companies must test their mobile presence. Do they have a mobile application or their site with sufficient conversion?

All these aspects play a huge role in forming customer experience and improving job optimization.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is protected, reliable, adaptable, and simple. It gives great opportunities for storing information, team cooperation, simple and instant access and a whole lot more.

All that made cloud computing another significant point to look closely at. And of course, it is rather cost-saving and is affordable for just about any firm. So you need to choose which type of cloud to utilize (personal, public, hybrid) and just how precisely cloud computing systems will benefit your company.

Social media

Don't underestimate social websites since it is one certain way to attain your clients, build your new identity, and boost loyalty and trust on the clients' side.

Social networking is now an ultimate station for leveraging customer support and businesses must use it to their own benefit. Building a strong social networking strategy requires a great deal of time, knowledge and skills. As practice shows, a prosperous social networking campaign may boost your traffic by multiple occasions in mere hours -- and in the same fashion, it may damage your company if done wrong.

Big Data

Big Data today is one of the most popular fuzzwords breaking the leaderboard. There is definitely a logic for that popularity. Properly used Big data can serve as the main source of information on your clients and their attitude, your business and its potential trajectory of evolution, fields for mechanization and many other things. We have already mentioned the data analytics in the previous articles. Thus the main point for companies is to determine the goals they want to focus on and what they are ready to contribute to the analysis and processing of data.

Certainly, that will vary for different companies. For example, one data accountant can cover all the needs of small organizations, learning the data and analyzing the state of the business. When bigger associations should rather integrate progressive means or think about creating customized applications for automatic analytics.

Digital transformation: how does it benefit your company

The four most important directions of digital transformation, according to Harvard Business Review, were discussed above. Now let's have a closer look at the real benefits, which businesses can get, following mentioned ways.

Time and resources optimization

Automation is key for the enhancement of all business processes as well as for the reduction of financial and time costs. Usually, the staff is grateful for comfortable conditions without routine duties thus being able to pay more attention to more complicated and creative areas.

Firstly, it is required to get in touch with all the processes and then exclude unuseful ones to achieve optimization goals.

Highly proficient workforce equipped with modern technologies

Effective implementation of digital transformation requires professional managers to ensure that the organization is ready for further innovations, thus providing sufficient training and all required tools.

The staff must be informed about reform, thus recognizing their important role. The main goal is to inspire the staff on accepting new changes and the logic behind them.

Qualified experts and modern tools will simplify the plan execution. One day, you might need to develop a mobile app or use machine learning to analyze the company`s stats. However, it is highly recommended to conduct proper research before proceeding to further actions.

New opportunities for growth

Digital transformation plays a big role in the speed increase for any business. It discovers new frontiers and makes your growth more efficient.

Just imagine that approximately half of the everyday tasks are automated and, as a consequence, data analysis will show more reliable results. Then you will be quite ready and open for new ideas on the way towards your further successful development.

That means that primarily digital transformation is a formula of business success with extra flexibility and opportunities for the company. Obvious, it is mostly impossible to face up the challenges and become successful following only old methods.


Digital transformation is an instrumental must-have on the assumption that development is going right. Follow these rules to manage all properly:

  • Set business goals.
  • Emphasize the main problems to resolve.
  • Evaluate current state, available resources, money, and costs.
  • Choose the most appropriate areas and markets.
  • Create the digital transformation strategy along with considering the complete plan of necessary steps and costs thus become significantly closer to your goal.

With the help of a well-known software development agency, you will be able to develop your business, while implementing modern technologies in all corporate activities at the highest level.

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