Aug 5, 2017
by Egor Malyzhenkov

“Must have” for bussiness owners or 9 apps in 2017

If you have your own business, this list will make your life easier. Due to correct combination of instruments, you can optimize the business processes, simplify the finances and save time and money. What could be better?
First of all we should identify which main directions has business…
We made our own list of the main directions in business to help you find exactly what you need:

  1. Accounting
  2. Communication
  3. Time-management
  4. Payment
  5. Organization

Now we will show you which Apps can help you in each of these directions


QuickBooks helps your business administrator provide a complete understanding of the financial condition of your company. You can use it to keep track of your company's sales and expenses; see financial statements, statements of profit and loss statements; pay your employees and suppliers; tracking of outstanding invoices. Connects to thousands of accounts, including your bank account in the bank, credit cards, PayPal and Square, and loads the data from these sources without problems. They also simplify your business taxes by monitoring your expenses and allowing you to upload photos from your phone.

FreshBooks gives the simple method of management and watching of accounts-invoices. It allows to create the personalized, professional type of invoice you; automatically to propose accounts to the clients for repetitive accounts-invoices; and to accept credit cards on a mobile device. Other useful functions include possibility to watch and organize charges from any place and create the influenced business-reports, such as reports on gains and losses.

Wave it is the free, simple to use platform of book-keeping software, specially intended for independent contractors and individual businessmen with nine or less by employees. He allows to the companies to watch sales and charges, manage accounts and payments of clients, to pay employees, check up receivables and create accounting reports. And recently a company added public domain software for the personal finances, to help small business owners to manage the finances in one place.



With the platform of instantaneous exchange Slack you can organize the command conversations on separate private or popular channels or send a direct report. The app also allows easily to drag, interchange images, PDF- by files and other files. It also automatically indexes and archives any report, notification or file. There aren’t limits on t

You can use Skype for the transmission of photos and files of any size, sharing of computer screens, make calls with group with 25 persons and dispatches of text messages. The base version of Skype is free. If you want to renew, price starts from 5 dollars in a month. It integrates with Microsoft Office and allows to conduct online video conferences for 250 persons. This app is free to charge for loading and work on all devices and operating systems.



RescueTime checks the time expended in appendices and websites automatically, and sends to you the detailed reports on the basis of your activity, giving to you an exact picture that, how you conducted the day. It works for Mac, PC, Android and Linux.



PayPal it’s comfortable platform which allows to link the credit, in-clearing and other bank accounts with your registration record of PayPal, doing payment of people and to getting payment quickly and painlessly. PayPal has a few user facilities, including possibility of treatment of checks, electronic accounts and payments from the existent registration record of PayPal.

Square can become a rescuer if your business depends on purchases in the points of sale, but your budget is limited for the payment systems. Connect small card-rider to your phone or plane-table, and you can use credit cards and process payments. You do not need to be connected to the Internet, you can use an email or text messages for the dispatch of receipts, and the system can even allow to the clients to leave the tag.



Trello is this simple to use application for a management by projects, that checks the working process of your command. Every card that you create on the pay of Trello is a task. You can add participants, comments, investments - from Google of Disk, Dropbox or your computer are control lists, dates and labels and stickers, to do cards maximally evident. And every time, when you change a card, Trello notifies every participant by e-mail and on mobile devices.


So, everything ingenious is simple? Yes.

if you didn’t know about these apps before, you MUST try it now, if you want to make your business life much more easier.

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