Oct 6, 2017
by Irina Linnik

How to build an app that will actually be used

In this article, we will give you some tips that can help you create an outstanding and useful application and draw the market to your business.

The importance of mobile app in today’s world

Here are some numbers: according to the report by We Are Social and Hootsuite, there are about 312 million mobile users in the region of UAE and among them 83 million are really active in their mobile use.

In addition, there is also a tremendous growth in mobile social media usage, which indicates that people are ready and willing to socialize over their mobile phones – and not only with other users, but with companies as well.

It seems that everyone understands the importance of mobile applications but not many people actually know how to build an app and what to consider. Such lack of knowledge results in the poorly-built apps that are barely used.

What to consider if you want your app to stand out

We decided to break the process of app building into few steps:

· Determine the purpose of your app

First of all, ask yourself what is a purpose of your application, meaning: what key problems should it solve?

For example, it can be built for easier navigation in your online store, faster process of order and delivery and so on.

Once you determine these key solutions, stick to them and make sure your app has all the necessary features before launching it to the market.

· Investigate your target audience

Try to create a portrait of your typical user: what they want, what they like, where they tend to spend their free time, etc. The more you know, the more flexible you become in terms of offering solutions to them.

· Build an MVP

MVP, aka minimal viable product, is a perfect way to test your idea out and see what may go right and wrong.

The most important thing in building an app – do not try to do everything at the same time. Good application is not the one with tons of functions but the one that has everything in its place.

At the same time it’s important to understand: MVP is not a synonym for unfinished or primitive product that was created in a hurry. By creating an MVP, you can better understand needs and expectations of your audience and modify your app to satisfy them.

So when you create your MVP you will right away see what functions are needed and what functions can be thrown away.

You will also receive immediate feedback from your audience, which will help you to implement the changes during the app building process and not after it, thus leading to saving your time and budget.

In addition, it is possible you will also be getting return on investment that will allow you to further on work on your product improvement with no rush.

· Be flexible

Remember that world and especially business world is changing fast and your app should also be able to adapt to new technologies and trends. Be ready to keep your application updated, implement changes in functional, new features, new technologies in time.

Keep in mind, that application, like your business, it is never fully done, you will always have new ideas how to make it better and bigger.

Why we are telling you that from the beginning? The thing is the difference between good and bad code is that good code can be improved faster and easier and it will often be needed.

So don’t try to save on a team of good developers. Instead, go with proven and experienced professionals who will deliver high-quality results and will be able to change any part of the code fast and right.

· Don’t chaise for a fixed price

Latest development practices utilize Time & Materials approach, which is actually turns to be more beneficial than fixed price for both customer and development company.

With time and materials you know exactly what you pay for and you know that your team can go a few extra miles further in order to create something truly outstanding.

In addition, T&M approach guarantees you will receive the wanted result, because you can add any changes at any stage of development process, which you 100% control.

In case of fixed price approach, the company receives its money anyway and is often not willing to do anything that was not negotiated in advance.

Instead of wasting time on endless negotiations and evaluations, you will save on focusing the development process.

Despite the pricing strategy, always make sure your team dedicated enough time for QA testing, that your app is compatible with all devices and works smoothly in any conditions.

· Remember about app marketing

Of course you will upload your app to the iTunes or Google Play market – but do you know how to do it correctly?

Don’t hesitate to ask for help and reach out for SEO and marketing professionals.

If you work with professional developers team, they most probably might know some magic tricks and might be able to help you.

Before uploading the app to the store, outline your marketing strategy. Think of advertising ways, loyalty programs for the first users, etc.

And if you want people to pay for your app, first think of a free trial period for testing the app in the field. You want to make sure your app works perfectly before charging money.


Let’s have a look at Visit Dubai app as an example. It has great value for the users, both tourists and locals, because it contains a whole lot of information about places to go, things to see and events to visit.

The app is free, which is another great add-on, because many people may need it only once – however, it may stay on their smartphones for a long time.

As well, the app uses geo systems to suggest you the best places nearby the location you are currently in.

This application is really smart in terms of marketing and city promotion and what is especially good about it – it focuses on a certain region instead of being global and that allows the app to offer a really relevant information for the users.


In case you hesitate and are not sure about how to build an app and what it should look like, find a reliable team of professionals among mobile application development companies in Dubai. Most of them would gladly consult you and will offer multiple solutions.

What is also important: pay attention to the communication between you and the app development company, make sure they both listen to you and understand what exactly you want.

One of such mobile app development companies in Dubai is Celadon. With a team of professionals and proven record of successful projects, we are ready to help you out and work together as a team for a common goal.

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