Scale your delivery service
business, boost efficiency
and cut costs!
  • Save operating costs
  • Bring yourself closer to the customer
  • Optimize data management
  • Get marketing advantages
  • Increases the number of orders
  • Make your on-demand business easy to scale

Custom digital solution for
on-demand delivery companies
from European software developers based in Dubai

We provide full range of development services in order to create a digital tool that will be built specifically for your business and its needs. The software solution combines web and mobile interfaces with cloud database and is aimed at uniting your customers, staff and business operations into one interactive system that is incredibly easy to manage.

Are suitable for: any on-demand service providers, restaurants, retail, courier companies, manufacturing companies, distributors, e-commerce, and many more!
Press the button below and tell us about your business and we will be happy to provide you with proposal within 24 hours.


Depending on your business needs and goals, we can help you pick up necessary features, and make a unique tool that will work for you perfectly:

Your customer's mobile application for placing orders (iOS and Android + Web app)
  • User registration - users can register through social media or by using the email id/phone number. Users will be automatically represented in your database.
  • Service selection, purchase process and booking - make your customer orders as easy and fast as never before.
  • Online payments, automatic payments - let your client pay for your services or products with one touch.
  • Services scheduling - let your customers schedule services and link autopayments. And for you, save both the money for operating costs, and customers time - they will be grateful.
  • Services and transactions history - all the data is available both for you and the customers at any time 24/7.
  • Re-order - customer can repeat the order from the history in one touch.
  • Ratings and feedback - be aware of your couriers performance, and manage the satisfaction level of your customers.
  • Push-notifications - at any time you will be able to reach specific customer, or group of customers with geo-location or demographic filters.
  • Communication with operator and courier - Customers can contact with operator or courier by phone or chat directly from the application.
  • Integration with google calendar etc. - Modern customers organize their lives with mobile digital tools, let your company be a part of that!
  • Services and order real-time tracking - You can manage your customers expectations with uber-like order delivery tracking feature.
Manage your couriers and customers with web interface management dashboard
  • -- Staff management features
    • Work scheduling for your couriers  - manage and set the working hours of your staff, assign them to orders and many more 
    • Your couriers individual profiles - real-time access to any of your employees profile, performance, history and ratings. Increase motivation and time management experience of your staff.
    • Geolocation orders auto forwarding - set up the auto addressing settings for the orders directly to your closest free courier. Deliver the services fast and cut your costs.
    • Your staff location tracking - be aware where your courier is currently located and how much time he spends to deliver each order.
    • Push notification - a tool to reach all your employees, a group of them, or individual employees with important announcement, urgent task or work scheduling changes
    • Equipment and storage tracking - track what is taken from the storage, control the equipment, tools, and operating supplies. View history of staff interaction with storage, statistics, and many more.
    • Couriers activation - add or suspend couriers in real time
  • -- Customers management features:
    • Customers database management - gain access to your customers profiles information, database, transactions, orders history and feedback.
    • Financial reports - create reports and diagrams for customers payments with filters by demographic, number of deliveries , sku, amount of sku for one delivery, frequency of delivery, location - and all that can be done in one click!
    • Manage delivery service pricing - take control over your prices and costs for delivery services and create  promotions in real time.
    • Manage requests - assign the courier for an order manually or set up rules for automatically forwarding the customers requests. You can set the automatic calculation  of the  delivery cost.
    • Push notification promotions - create promotion campaigns, target your audience and be sure that 100% of your messages are delivered directly to your client mobile.
    • Statistics & analytics - information is priceless, so gather all the stats about your clients, your staff performance, transactions and all the business metrics in one place, filter it, analyse diagrams, improve your business and grow.
Couriers interface mobile application (iOS and Android applications)
  • -- If you really want to go digital, you can save millions of dirham annually by cutting operation costs for managing your delivery service.
  • Order receiving - by using geolocation, product availability,work scheduling and real time database, the requests from your customer can be delivered directly to the closest storage and free courier. Your customer will appreciate your company for being fast and efficient.
  • Route planning - help couriers plan their work, depending on order priority, traffic and distances. Increase efficiency and gain control over it.
  • Geolocation and integration - full integration with Google maps and other services will save your couriers time, increase efficiency, and save your costs.
  • Equipment and storage tracking - track what your employee need to perform the order, find the storage that is the closest to them and link specific equipment individually, saving history in your staff profile.
  • Couriers profile - everything you need is in one place. Easy to reach - easy to manage. Your couriers will be motivated to increase performance of their profile, earn ratings and achieve better results in their daily work.

The system potential of user experience improvement and business operations automatizing truly has no limits. Moreover, by having such customer service, quality modern mobile apps will be an advertisement of your brand itself.

So how much does it cost?
What budget do you need to start?

On-demand services business is all about managing efficiency. You can save millions of dirham annually by cutting operation costs for managing your delivery service with modern custom applications set.

Depending on the size of your project, and the amount of our specialists involved, we use agile payment plans, starting from 2400 $ per week, or 9 600 $ per month. The ready to lauch prototype for delivery services, that can start brining RIO and cutting costs, usually can be delivered in 3-5 months.

We can work with any reasonable budget, its up to you to chose features and platfroms to start with. Recomended budget for software development depends on your business size, required features, other business systems integration, personal preferences and other important factors. That is why the best and the fastest way to get the price is to send us a request and we will get back to you with the proposal.


How we work

  • When we get a request from you, we will contact you to set up an interview
  • We research your business and its features
  • We prepare business analysis for you with our vision of the system that you need
  • We agree on the selected features to start with and the budget
  • We develop the solution
  • We implement it and consult your staff on how to use it
  • You get your software, improve efficiency, save costs and get back to us for more ;b
  • We do maintenance, updates and improvements on agreement
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