Cross Platform Apps

Cross-platform mobile applications have been gaining immense popularity in recent years. Modern technologies and frameworks make it possible to build cross-platform apps that, in most cases look, feel and perform on the same level as native.

One of the most trendy technologies for cross-platform app development is React Native, which our team specializes in the most. We have massive experience in developing successful apps with this tool.

Cross platform apps generally cost less and can be developed faster than native applications because of the significant use of the same source code for both platforms.


Fast time to market

Because cross-platform apps do not require as many developers as native apps, the delivery is much faster (which may be a critical factor at times).


Cross-platform apps often help to save costs since they do not require developing two separate apps.


Can work in offline mode. (unlike hybrid)


More flexible development process (no need for 2 teams of developers, easier to coordinate)

We can help you figure out what works best for your product

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When cross platform app will work best?

Unlike hybrid apps, which is facticaly web apps disguised to a mobile apps,cross-platform applications really can serve as perfect analogues of native applications. Especially if the app is content-based. But in case the app functional demands heavier usage of device built-in tools and power, get ready to sacrifice a bit of user experience and performance, or go with native development. Even though React Native apps are often identical to native in terms of performance, in some cases cross-platform apps can still fall behind.

So, if you're creating a content based app, or you want to launch your app fast while having limited budget, cross-platform applications should definitely be your choice. At Celadon we make sure to deliver high-quality apps and we always perform thorough testing to ensure the app will function perfectly after release.

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