IoT development and integration

Data gathering

Gather  data from smart devices for further analytics and control with modern IoT software. The number of implementations varaible is limitless. We can provide you with world class expertise to help you with the next great step in digital transformation

Smart city/smart home solutions

The smart city and smart home concepts is becoming life with proper experienced team of the developers. We have enough expertise to solve most innovative challenges, becouse innovation is our passion. Tell us about your project and bring it to life with the help of our first class developers from Europe. 

Network connected counters

Self-counters and smart devices connected in the network that send and recieve data from a management console - if it something you look for - our specialists have a rare experience and ability to solve that tasks.

IoT cunsultancy

Backend technologies is something that often is quite challenging to understand in detail even for technical people and businessman. Celadon offers Internet of Things cunsultancy to help you plan and build your project right way:
- to figure out the challenge
- to build a business analysis
- to make a proper development planning and technical tasks

- to rapidly solve rising issues

- to calculate the costs and ROI of the project

Our European IT cunsulatants can visit your office in Dubai or anywhere for interviewing and cunsulting. We are located in Dubai, UAE and Minsk, Belarus.

Leverage your digital transformation and get it done with a team of professional engineers with an IoT expertise you deserve.  

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