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Android Apps Development

According to StatCounter, Android global market share is 77.32% - so it makes sense to invest into Android app development in case you want to reach and obtain as many users and possible.

At Celadon, we focus on developing innovative applications that run smoothly on a variety of devices: not only smartphones and tablets, but also connected devices, wearables, and other gadgets.

Why Native Development?

Native applications are written in a language that is specifically intended for a certain platform. In case of Android, it will be Java. Native applications have significant advantages in comparison to other apps:


Best possible speed of performance and responsiveness

Full access

Have full access to all device hardware and software


Top-notch customizable user experience


Can work without Internet connection (unlike hybrid apps)

Developing for Android

Android development has certain features that make it different from development for other OS.

Android values the app security greatly and thus, it implements “the principle of last privilege” approach. That means that by default, each app can access only those components that are required for its work. In addition, there are other aspects as well and all together, they create secure environment for app development. 

Also there are many more different manufacturers and devices that run on Android, so it requires Android developer to have  great experience and knowledge as well as having significant amount of compatibility in terms of QA.

Our team of developers has all skills and knowledge necessary to create awesome Android apps. In our work, we use large set of tools, including Android SDK, Android NDK, Java, C++, OpenGL, SQL Lite Database.

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