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Quality Assurance

Celadon’s integrated QA process for mobile applications ensures that our apps are carefully tested and will be 100% market ready before their launch. By using agile testing process, we manage to identify any bugs, problematic edge case scenarios and double-check all use cases and functional aspects.

We offer you full mobile app QA services for multiple devices and multiple environments. We perform robust mobile app testing that includes manual testing, visual QA, and automated testing in order to make sure that your app works perfectly, engages and retains the users.


What we offer

On Device Testing

We provide On-Device Localization Testing service during which our QA specialists will review your translations on actual mobile devices to ensure there are no broken links or any issues with UI (like fonts, line-breaks, layout, etc.) or contextual issues. After we release your translation orders, you can include the translations back to your software and forward your beta application to our translation reviewers by using the testing platform. After that, we will provide you with a detailed report that will include all the discrepancies and issues found during testing and we will help you make changes to them.

Automated Mobile App Testing

Automated mobile application testing is the most efficient way to ensure that new product versions do not affect functionality or create new bugs. In comparison to manual testing, automation in mobile app QA has the following benefits:

1)    Lesser time to market

2)    Ability to test complex business logic

<p">3)    Cost Reducing

4)    Minimizing risks or possibilities of human error

By using our QA automation service, you can release your apps without compromising on quality – and quality is a must-have in modern environment of strict business requirements and user needs.

Visual mobile application QA

Celadon matches robust test/QA expertise with domain’s current visual testing tools in order to help you automate and shape your visual testing process. By using Selenium, Galen and Appium-based automation solutions to layout verification, we provide businesses with:

1)    Automated test processes for all layout and visual items

2)    One-command verification of data, layout and other elements

3)    Multiple platform validation for all web or app visual elements

4)    Smooth integration of visual and functional testing of all user interface elements

User Acceptance Testing of Mobile Applications

UAT enables you to run your software through actual user testing and test its performance in real-world scenarios in accordance to your expectations. Our UAT testing tools guarantee your app or website is run through multiple cycles and on different platforms and will meet the set deadlines. The benefits of our UAT service are:

1)    Easily changeable parameters and to-do list for users.

2)    Necessary tools to capture all user actions in detail. While capturing the defects, our tools automatically take screenshots and gather statistics during the testing process.

3)    Auto-generated reports that you can use as valuable training materials.

4)    Data coherent in making actionable decisions easy to reach.

Mobile Application QA Consulting

Our expert QA Consultants ensure that all relevant data is gathered from the stakeholders in order to receive a clear picture of a QA process within your environment. By following the IEEE & CMM (TMM/ TPI adapted) standards, we identify the gaps in your present QA process and create a blueprint of the QA model that will suit the best for your requirements.

Our QA consulting service is totally customizable. It helps us build a full QA procedure and provide you with additional support when your QA specialists are overwhelmed with work. During our assessment we identify good practices that may be missing from the documentation, any defects reported by the users and recommendations for the improvement of your QA process. Finally, we create a cost-saving framework, minimize the amount of defects, enhance your productivity and make you stand ahead of competition.

Agile App Testing Process

We have good understanding of QA’s challenging tasks when performing testing in Agile environment: communication with globally distributed teams, risk planning and risk avoidance, distraction by speed of delivery ahead of quality and so on. At Celadon we use collaborative and network-based approach. We define clear objective and shared goals that are aimed at improving velocity, quality and user satisfaction. We also provide regular transparent updates and reports with strong focus on feedback, analysis and action.

Our metrics provide:

1)    Information that focuses on constant improvement

2)    Evaluation with a purpose to provide actionable takeaways

3)    Valuable insights that can be used for optimizing processes

So how much does it cost?
What budget do you need to start?

Depending on the size of your project, and the amount of our specialists involved, we use agile payment plans, starting from 1150 $ per week

The budget for QA depends on your application specification, size, features needed and many other factors. That is why the best and fastest way to get your own custom application price, is to send us request and we will gladly contact you back to consult or provide estimation for the project.


How we work

  • Your request - our evaluation, on time and budget
  • Meeting if needed, specifying project demands
  • Agree on a budget
  • Functionality Testing / Compatibility Testing / Performance Testing / Security Testing / Usability Testing
  • Updates, maintenance and support
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  • EXECUTION. Our team gets to work and delivers daily status reports.
  • DELIVERY. You get complete test results, a detailed list of bugs and their severity, full reproduction paths and recommendations.